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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grow light station

My husband bought this 4 foot indoor T5 high output grow light for my 30th birthday several weeks ago. I was thrilled for receiving so many gardening presents including a $125 gift card to gardeners.com from my awesome mom in-law! My grow light station was in the kitchen but it started to take over the dining table giving us little space to eat so we finally moved it upstairs to its own table in our art studio loft. Now we have our office, art studio, and gardening corner all together. This morning I noticed more tomatoes and zinnias sprouting, giving me hope. I'm discovering that gardening from seeds requires patience and determination. It's a mystery...I'm waiting to see the miracle unfold, a journey of watching something beautiful grow.        

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  1. Lucky you, Pricilla. That is a good looking set up.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - to answer your question, I do start a lot of seeds but only for my vegetable gardens. The front garden I showed is all perennials.

    I'm enjoying reading through your blog!


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