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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Herbs Delight

I've grown herbs upstairs in the loft windowsill for about a month, they're doing fabulous in the south facing window with afternoon sun. I thought about moving the boxes but the herbs are doing good there. I didn't grow them from seeds but from small plants although I'd like to, perhaps next year I'll start seeds early spring indoors. I spend a great amount of time cooking to wait for these savory herbs. I have basil, thyme, oregano, sage, and rosemary. I love the aroma of fresh herbs whenever I come to snip some for cooking! Tonight's menu is BBQ teriyaki mahi mahi with garlic and basil served with grilled corn and zucchini...YUM I'm getting hungry! I also marinated chicken to grill ahead of time for another night's dinner with lemon, oregano, special seasonings, and olive oil. Ahhh the joys of eating well, my hubby would agree. I don't think I could live without herbs, they're essentials in the kitchen.      

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  1. Mmm-I agree with you-I couldn't cook or eat without herbs-nothing like snipping from your garden. Right now I have 8 kinds of basil, dill, oregano, cuban oregano, garlic greens, thyme and rosemary.


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