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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Lovely Hosta

Mid May is the best time for gardening in Idyllwild according to my husband's friend, a local resident. I believe he grows tomatoes and tulips. All the snow we've had is beginning to melt away and I'm looking forward to sunnier days, dreaming about my garden. A dear friend of mine surprised me when a belated birthday gift came in the mail, this led me to buying plants! Last week, before hubby and I did groceries he said I could pick up plants at the nursery, I'm way excited to start with a few to get me inspired. I haven't planted them directly on the ground but keeping them in containers, soon I'll be when I clean up the yard.

I'm getting ready with some ground covers and later add flowers. I brought this local garden club book with recommended listing of plants that grow well in our climate. I decided to purchase Hosta Plantain Lily, Vinca Minor Periwinkle, Silver Dragon Lily Turf, and Bacopa White. Ok Bacopa was not in the list but it was adorable I must try! Who knows, this plant might flourish. 

Hosta on the other hand are hardy perennials, once established they'll thrive and last for years in Idyllwild. I fell in love with the large heart shape foliage in beautiful shades of green. I have a big area of part sun and shade and from my research, Hosta grows well in the shade. I can't wait to get out in the front yard, soon enough the soil will warm up and then I'll be busy gardening.

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  1. Anonymous4/26/2010

    Then weez gonna half to kill us some gophers!


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