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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rain with snow showers

The weather forecast predicted rain and snow today and tomorrow. It's pouring down hard at times, looks like we're staying in. I'm relieved to be prepared ahead of time by bringing my container plants inside yesterday. Last time 2 of my poor plants got killed by the frost when we went away for a few days. It's a sad thing to see something unexpectedly wilted, I'm learning about how weather in the mountains can be erratic. The raised flower bed my husband and I began is now covered with some kind of water proof tarps. I recently sowed a few annuals and perennials seeds there, I hope they survive. If not I'll have to wait and try again. 

The photo above is the front yard of of the cabin, it's where we plan to establish our flower garden. My husband's grandma had a garden here 20 something years ago, it's somewhat of a half circle and we decided to leave the layout the way it is. Hubby will build a fence around to protect the garden from the deers, and he plans to make a cute cottage gate made of strong branches, tree stumps, and lumber wood. I need to pull a lot of weeds, rake dead leaves with pine needles, and amend the soil. There are tons of work to be done but will be worth it. I'm ecstatic and looking forward for warmer weather and sunny days. For now I can just dream about my garden!

We woke up and the front yard was covered in snow!

What, hail with snow? It just happened about 30 minutes ago...

Our front porch, my plants are safely inside the cabin!

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  1. Brava! You are putting your heart into this, Priscilla! So happy to see this blog (and this emerging garden). See you soon!

    Paula Panich


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