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Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally spring!

Hubby and I got married 2 months ago. Since we're newly weds starting out, his wonderful parents allowed us to rent their cabin here in Idyllwild. Living in the mountains is temporary but it's practical due to our finances. We came from Orange County to a small nice town nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains. It's quite a change from fast paced city to mountain life. It's peaceful although sometimes it's easy to experience cabin fever if you never go out. 

Winter can be lonely and tough if you get snowed in and unable to leave. I'm glad it's spring because I've wanted to have an organic garden for so long. Years ago I had an apartment balcony container garden in which birds and butterflies were attracted to. This cute little garden was my sanctuary, a place of rest. For me, gardening is healing and it's one way to decompress from stress. In the past I've grown flowers, herbs, and indoor plants all bought from the local nursery.

This time gardening is different because of the colder climate and danger of frost. I bought a few plants for the front porch and they seem to be doing pretty well, the cabin looks cozier! I'm also growing organic veggies and flowers from seeds indoor under grow light for the first time. It has been about 3 weeks and to my surprise most of the seeds germinated! So far I have leaf Lettuce, romaine lettuce, cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, leeks, and zinnias.

However, it's frustrating because all the waiting is testing my patience! Each morning I'm checking to make sure everything is getting enough light, water, heat, and moisture. When the weather warms up, I have more veggies and flower seeds to sow outside after amending  soil with organic compost. It will take awhile to get my rustic garden going. My sweet husband is building a deer fence and raised garden beds. Gardening will be a challenge because we have tons of deer, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and gophers here in the woods.   

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