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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strawberry Baby!

My strawberry plants has been growing indoor on our windowsill. I've been waiting for the right conditions to plant them outside, longing for snow to be over. I found out strawberries grow well up here so a month ago, I purchased two kinds of strawberries due to impulse: Quinault and Sequoia, I couldn't decide. The baby above is Quinault and I noticed a couple more tiny ones getting ready to blossom. My sweet husband built a strawberry box about 2 weeks ago. I started working on amending the soil and trying to make it more acidic. Yesterday after adding homemade compost with pine needles to organic soil, I tested the ph level. The result was 6.5 so it looks like I'm getting there, only if it would stop snowing!

I also transplanted some houseplants like this variegated ivy to a cute watering can. My ivy plants are doing wonderful.

Nepthytis is one of my favorites for indoor gardening, I love the heart shaped foliage! 



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