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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun Birdhouses

I love being surrounded by nature, watching the birds and hearing them sing. Hubby bought some birdhouses for the garden and we painted them, it was a cool project! He did the red one and mine is yellow. 

The issue we've been having are squirrels fervently trying to get a hold of the bird seeds not leaving much, I see them all the time analyzing the best way to climb up. 

We think these furry creatures are cute so we dedicated one house mounted on the tree only for squirrels, but still they also want the wildbird feeder hanging on the shepherd's hook. We'll need to figure out how to squirrel proof that one!

This birdhouse is now a squirrel feeder.

My yellow birdhouse. The wildbird feeder on
the other hook is being taken over by squirrels! 

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