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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Cute Veggie Patch

The deer fence is finally complete! This is a cozy area for veggies and I love it. Thanks to my thoughtful husband who supports my passion for gardening and built the whole fence on his own. It's about 5 feet high using thick strong branches he found in the woods with tree logs and some lumber. Low budget but it's very sturdy and no deer has come near. I planted strawberries, herbs, and some flowers...So far they're still alive! 

Phase 1 of the deer fence. This is the sunniest side of the cabin right by our kitchen and dining table window. Deers usually come by eating shrubs and sometimes our left overs. Yup we feed the deers, they savored organic brown rice one afternoon!   

Digging, arranging, sweating, and working super hard! 

Phase 2 of the deer fence. Welcome to my Hap Hazard Veggie Patch. I'll give you a little tour: Here's a temporary gate hubby made, he might build a different one later  with branches and twigs for a more rustic look.

I spent hours organizing my veggie garden and mulching the pathway with cedar or pine wood bark. 

All the raised beds need are vegetables but I'm hardening  off the seedlings and will be ready in a few more days. Meanwhile, I'm adding sun loving flowers to surround the edibles. The front yard is another project, we need a fence there too so that'll take time...Then I can plant MORE flowers!

Climbing rose I'm trying to train on a trellis. Mini strawberry patch and hanging strawberry basket on the left.    

My herbs are no longer on the windowsill inside but receiving sunlight out here. I also painted these garden markers, something fun to label the herbs. The cabin across is our home!

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