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Monday, May 31, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Flowers

I was working on my garden yesterday and took photos of the latest blooms. I noticed colors of the flag, here's a floral tribute to Memorial Day. To all of those courageous soldiers who fought for our country and freedom, we're grateful and we'll never forget!

Red and White Trouper Carnation I planted in a basket, I added Blue Star Creeper ground cover but currently not in bloom yet. I'm glad I purchased this from the nursery a couple weeks ago, definitely my flag colors arrangement! I also sowed carnation seeds, it will be interesting to see a variety of pastel colors.   

Diamonds Blue Delphinium, I love this shade of blue. The petals are lovely and soothing to look at!

Delphinium, Lavender Guardian. I always have a thing for Delphiniums, the clustered petals comes in beautiful bright colors and they're elegant in my rustic garden. Happy Memorial Day to all my friends!  


  1. What pretty patriotic flowers for Memorial Day! I've never tried Carnation from seed and so it'll be interesting to see how they do. Delphinium is one flower that doesn't do well for me but that I really wish I could grow. It looks pretty by the Foxglove as well.

  2. Hi, Priscilla;
    What a gorgeous blue Delphinium! All pretty flowers but I just love that stunning sky blue. Hope you had a fun weekend. :)

  3. Pricilla: Thank you for stopping by my blog!I love Delphiniums! Blue flowers fill my garden and of course pink!

    You asked about peonies...just plant and grow.When the flowers are spent cut off blooms and just leave it until the following year.
    In late autumn I cut the stalks down to ground level!I still have a paler pink not yet blossomed!


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