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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Squirrels and My Garden

Adorable Scabiosa seems delicate to touch, I love how it dances in the gentle breeze. It's a lovely sunny day in the mountains. After church this morning I passed by our local Idyllwild nursery to purchase flowers. They recently opened and only here until late summer. The owner said he's been doing business here for 33 years. I was delighted by the vast variety of flowers, roses, and plants that grow well in our climate. For my first time in this nursery I took home Violas, Carnations, Vinca Vine, and one of my favorites which I searched for everywhere, Bleeding Heart. I so badly wanted to pick up deep pink Hydrangeas but my budget didn't allow it...Maybe one day.  

Ladybug resting on my Lavender. There was 2 of them, the other one kept moving on the Friesland Sage. I have many flowers that need larger containers including lavender, Sage, Daylily, Geraniums, and Mexican Primrose. Yesterday I finally transplanted the Scabiosa into a nice big planter, now I'm waiting for butterflies! I need more wooden boxes for flowers and the deer fence (hint to hubby if you're reading this!) I'll be posting other photos of the garden later. I'm organizing at the moment.    

For fun, here's a short video of how these furry monsters are invading our birdhouse and wildbird feeder in the garden. They're persistent so we have to find a solution to protect at least one of the bird feeders so we can have it solely for the birds. However, we like squirrels too, they're cute!

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