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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Succulent Project

I'm still cleaning the front yard, with so many things I need to do it'll take time to get the garden together. I have containers of flowers waiting to be transplanted, they're all inside the cabin receiving filtered light. I give the flowers fresh air for most of the day everyday in the sun in our back porch to keep them alive, I have to do this especially for my roses. Not having protection from the deers in the yard is holding me back but my husband is working on the fence. 

Meanwhile, I'm designing containers to express creativity. With a tight budget like most of us these days, I have to find ways to use whatever containers I have. Yesterday I found a gift basket from years ago that I think held lotion and stuff. I drilled holes in the bottom and placed gravel inside for drainage.

Succulents worked well for this basket with added rocks as the mulch, we have tons of nice rocks available outside and it's FREE! Succulents require minimal care, they're drought tolerant and hardy. They come in various sizes, shape, color, and texture so there are abundant ways to get artistic.

I combined succulent selection of shape and texture that is visually appealing: Aeonium Catlin hybrid, Calico Kitten, and Anacampseros rufescens. I know the scientific names sounds like medical disease! Stonecrop Sedum album (photo above) is interesting in texture, the thick succulent-like trailing foliage seem to fit perfectly in the arrangement.  

My veggie seedlings are growing crazy indoors under fluorescent light, hubby decided to build the deer fence on the side of the cabin first near the kitchen. This area gets the most sun so that's where we placed the vegetable raised beds. The space is not very large, yet enough to grow edibles plus I could decorate around it with flowers...Something exciting to look forward to!   

Organic Roma and Cherry Tomatoes I started from seed growing healthy and strong! This is about 4.5" and today I transplanted them in 7.5" containers.    

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