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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Traveling Garden

My husband Bryan and I went away for a week to his parent's home in San Juan Capistrano. We were petsitting my mom in-law's cat, 2 kittens, and 2 dogs while everyone was out of town. I considered this mini vacation from the woods. It was relaxing being near the coast, each day was blue skies and warm breeze. I love the ocean and city view from the backyard. The beach was a couple miles away, we took a nice walk along the shore at Dana Point. I appreciate the mountains but I'm still an ocean girl at heart. I couldn't part with my dear plants, they wouldn't be able to survive at the cabin unattended so I place some in a box and brought the veggie seedlings with the grow light! When my handyman hubby had a chance, he built raised beds for my garden at his dad's workshop. 

Here's a 2' x 4' raised bed for the veggies. He's building 2 of them for tomatoes, jalapeno, zucchini, carrots, and beans. Other boxes are dedicated to lettuce, spinach, and herbs.So far we have 7 garden boxes for $40, low budget rules! The smaller ones are for flowers since I decided to do more container gardening. Gophers are a problem where we live so he lined the bottom of the boxes with chicken wires, that might help in the meantime. The weather is gradually getting warmer for gardening, I'm ecstatic to get my hands on the dirt!   

Creative affordable way to stain untreated cedarwood boxes using a blow torch for a weathered and rustic look! Safe for veggies, fruits, or flowers.  

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