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Friday, May 14, 2010

What's blooming now

My creative outlet is container gardening, flowers and plants I can safely display in the front porch ledge high enough without the fear of deers consuming them. I can't do much gardening in the front yard until the fence is up. I still have to tediously pull weeds and unwanted ivy ground cover...Just when you thought you're done spring cleaning you realize there are more work to be done! Other than that, I purchased flowers a week ago for about $2 each from the clearance section, they only needed a little cleaning up. I'm all about great bargains so I decided to give these flowers a home and some TLC.

Begonias are doing well outside on the ledge, I love them especially because they're pink! They remind me of miniature roses.     

7 years ago I killed several African Violets. I was new to gardening and didn't realize I over watered and fertilized. These flowers require special soil and bright filtered light. My African Violets are now indoor on our windowsill, let's hope I can keep them alive!      

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