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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hydrangea Dreams

I love the tiny elegant petals of Forever Hydrangeas. I made a home for these stunning flowers, a delight in my cozy garden. When I see them I imagine the sea feeling the warmth of summer breeze, breathing in ocean air while sipping Pina Colada as I bathe under the sun. Right now we're enjoying the beautiful mountains but my dream is to live at a beach cottage surrounded by tropical fruit trees and exotic flowers.

My thoughtful mother in-law gave me a wonderful container for my new Hydrangeas. I appreciate her gift since we're on a low budget and large container prices are outrageous! Mom, thank you for being awesome and sweet. 

I'm grateful to have the most generous amazing mom and dad in-law, they surprised me last week when I received a hose attachment in the mail. I love all the different settings especially shower and mist. This helpful gadget surely makes watering much easier!

Trailing Phlox is another blooming beauty. I adore the combination of pink with white. 

My husband happened to be near my garden with the camera and took an awesome picture of a pretty butterfly, thanks babe! 

Violet Dusk (Beard Tongue) for attracting Hummingbirds. I'm waiting to capture a photograph of these extremely fast incredible birds. One day I'll get a picture.         


  1. Pricilla love hydrangeas! Here in my world they are just beginning to flower! How about that roses hydrangeas and peonies all at the same time!!Never has this happened before but we've had an usual mild Spring into Summer!!
    Nice meeting you! Thank you for stopping by Nature Trail!

  2. Such pretty blooms, and tell your hubbie that he got a great shot of the butterfly. I love California-- it's so beautiful -- and your garden makes it even lovelier.

  3. Hi Priscilla - thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm enjoying your enthusiasm - both in your new marriage, your new garden and your new blog! I wish you the best in your journey!

  4. Thanks Naturegirl, you have the prettiest flowers in your garden. Thank you Meredith & Rebecca. The butterfly picture was great and I appreciate the sweet comments :)

  5. The hydrangeas sure are pretty. How sweet of your mother-in-law to send that container and hose attachment. Awesome!


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