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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ladybugs Swarmed My Garden!

Memorial Weekend was sunny and perfect, our small town was alive filled with tourists. Surprise Ladybugs were all over too! Unfortunately other nasty bugs migrated around YIKES! Ladybugs however, delighted in my garden and I love it. 

This Ladybug climbed up my Sage. They loved all the herbs...So pretty to look at!

   This one rested on the Mint... 

Moving down, going towards the Swiss Chard.

Ladybugs made their home in the veggie raised beds, flowers, and strawberries. 
Hopefully they stay! 

It's wonderful living in the mountains, listening to birds chirping merrily and listening to the running creek whenever I'm out in my garden. 

The creek is less than 5 minutes away, peaceful sound of gentle running streams is soothing while I'm tending the garden.

I walked to the creek and a hungry deer glanced at me. Wildbirds, Squirrels, Rabbits, Raccoons, and lately Lizards are constant visitors. This is life in the woods.

Squirrels are always after the bird feeder...

Suddenly creeps me out, I get startled when lizards chase each other around the garden! 

Right by my garden gate, sweet adorable Violas needs to be transplanted in a larger container, perhaps in a garden box when hubby finds time to build more!   


  1. I love seeing ladybugs too. They've been doing a good job eating the aphids too.
    It looks like you live in such a pretty place. Lucky you to see deer and natural creeks so close to your house.

  2. how lovely!
    bugs! so nice.

  3. Lovely garden, and how nice to hear the stream while outside. Ladybugs are so beneficial to the garden. Great photos.

  4. Your first home seems to be in such a beautiful location. I love having ladybugs in the garden but here in Scotland we call them ladybirds. I don't spray anything as I love attracting all the wildlife I can into the garden. I too struggle with the cold during the winter like yourself but I think we would have more frosts than heavy snowfall. Thanks too for the coffee! come over to my place for a little too. Rosie :)

  5. Thanks Rosie :) We're renting the cabin here that belongs to his parents, practical at the moment since we're newly weds with only my husband working. I'm so grateful to God for letting us live in the mountains, surrounded by nature. I love hearing all the birds sing everyday and seeing wildlife. I'm also blessed to garden even with a small one, I love it with all my heart! I'm going to visit your blog, I enjoy meeting new people and taking a stroll in other people's garden even through online virtual gardens!


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