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Friday, June 11, 2010

Loving My Dahlias

I passed by our local nursery yesterday for Purple Sage and more Rosemary but ended up bringing home pink Dahlias. I had my eye on this for awhile since I'm there often SO I finally gave in...I saw a bee hugged the center of the flower, read the tag, and discovered it attracts butterflies too...A must for my rustic garden!

Mystic Dreamer Dahlia in my garden showing off its beauty in the afternoon sun. Have a fabulous weekend to all :) 


  1. Very pretty, I think I had one dahlia that did not like my garden before, last Summer. Purple sage though LOVES my garden ( and everyone's ). take care, Gina

  2. Hi Gina, thanks. I was told at the nursery Dahlias are perennials here. I'd like to get more such as yellow and shades of pink. I'm trying to create a place for butterflies and birds! Have a great weekend :)

  3. So pretty - great photo with the bee! I have a few tubers that I want to plant (I hope it isn't too late now) as soon as I clear out some room. I love that they keep blooming for months - well into the cold weather! Enjoy your new flowers :)

  4. Hey Stevie, nice to see you again :) Thanks for letting me know that was a bee ha ha! My husband said the legs were too long, I guess it was a baby bee. I want to get more Dahlias, they're perennials here!


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