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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet the Latest Blooms and Butterflies!

She opened up last weekend. I also see more buds getting ready to flower. Daylily, Little Wart (Hemerocallis) tolerates almost  any type of soil and very adaptable. Isn't she pretty?    

We left our mountain home for a family birthday party in Orange County, we were gone for almost 3 days. I was concerned about my veggies and plants although I watered well before we took off. I have no irrigation or sprinklers, we can't afford them at this time so whenever we travel, I lose a few plants in containers. Sure enough some flowers and herbs got fried in the sun, the weather has been so dry. I'm sad. However, sometimes my garden surprise me when we leave. I notice new flowers like the Daylily that bloomed while we were away.    

I went to the nursery to pick up a couple of herbs, you know I'm crazy about them all and use tons for cooking! Here's my organic Tricolor Sage. Delicious with chicken or pasta sauce!

Ahhh Chocolate Mint, it really smells divine like a light scented peppermint patty! I love, love, love chocolate, anyone can tell you :)

Organic Creeping Thyme

I went to visit my mom too and mentioned how much I needed pots, they're not in our budget. She has a beautiful garden with containers not being used so I inherited plenty of them. Praise God, He always provides. Thanks mom! ♥

Look at all these gorgeous lemons from my mom's giant tree! She has gazillion lemons and gave me a large bag. Lemons are 50 cents each at our local market but now we don't have to buy them.    

Butterflies adore Marigolds, I see them constantly. I finally got closer to capture this one on my veggie raised bed. 

A closer look at the beautiful orange wings.

Another butterfly flew over to my Dahlia and lingered here.

Two butterflies loved this flower! Don't they look like twins?


  1. Those butterfly pictures are so serene! Love is in the air maybe?! I have over the last year just started this whole gardening part of my life and am loving it, but I haven't had to leave my plants and I didn't think about the watering situation! So funny...I thought I was safe to go on trips with no pets, but how do you ask someone to watch your garden? Yikes...

  2. Thanks Melissa! Yes it has always been hard to leave the garden because no one can water unless you know and trust that person. We don't have pets yet but my husband and I someday would love a few dogs. I love the butterflies, I hope they keep coming more. The hummingbirds and bees have been around too but I haven't been able to take a picture, they're too fast!

  3. Beautiful! and those lemons are amazing!

  4. Hey there ! I heard a tip one time, to bring in pots, if they are not huge...I think it was for indoor plants, but could work for outdoor too. Anyway, fill up your bathtub and place the pots in there, to keep the bases of the plants watered. Or you could get a baby pool , and do the same thing outside and sit the plants in there in the shade while you are gone. The clay bases work best as they are porous. Love the lemons, butterfly shots, and you got some great new pots !!! Take care, Gina

  5. Thanks for the advice Gina, we usually just leave for the weekend for family get together. Our families are about 3 hours away, the drive is long so we end up staying for the weekend. I've had small plants that just couldn't handle the heat and get fried. Next time I'll try the bathtub thing, I appreciate it!

  6. What amazing color combination on your lovely flower! Very beautiful - and great closeups!


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