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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beautiful Surprises

This is next to the Apple tree where many birds love to perch. I'm not sure what kind of tree but I admire the tender pink flowers. 

I moved here to the mountains in the winter. Flowering trees around the property were covered in snow. When the weather began warming up, we were surprised by the beautiful blooms. Perhaps all were planted years ago and we get to enjoy them. 

Snowball Bush (Viburnum Opulus). It's an ornamental shrub about 10' tall and we have two. This one is right by the cabin. I love the adorable white fluffy flowers, the petals reminds me of Hydrangeas
Whatever the name, it's pretty! Hummingbirds fly around here.

I noticed a Rose bush near my garden next to all the trees. I don't know much about Roses but this was a pleasant surprise! It recently bloomed and I saw the vivid flower from a distance.

Now my edible garden update: I've been waiting for veggies for what seems like the longest time. I'm new to vegetable gardening so I'm recording progress here. I started organic Tomatoes from seed indoors. I have several varieties including Heirloom and all seem to be growing strong on raised beds. Roma Tomatoes used to be a 2" baby and now it's over a foot with flower blossoms, same with my Cherry Tomatoes. OK where are the fruit? I get impatient for harvest!         

I purchased Tomatillo from the nursery about a month ago because I realized we have to make Salsa Verde and I didn't have a packet of seeds to plant. This was 4" when I bought it, today it's larger with flower blossoms. My Jalapeno and Serrano are taking their time, hopefully I'm doing this right. Peppers seem to be a challenge.

My Broccoli was bought from our local nursery, I'm pleased by the progress of how big it's growing.

Everbearing strawberries. I have a few in the raised bed and 2 plants in baskets. Some strawberries are popping up. I look forward to when they're ripe and ready, they were deliciously sweet last time we had them! 


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous. I can totally see hummingbirds loving your house!! The veggies look magnificent too--can't believe you grew all that with snow high-altitude weather! Great job!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comments and encouragement! The hummingbirds are too fast but one day I'll get a decent picture. I get impatient with the veggies but I should be glad of the progress. God is teaching me more patience!

  3. Your garden looks wonderful! I wonder if that unidentified flowering shrub is a lilac. They're one of my favorites!

    You have to be really patient with peppers and tomatoes. They like lots of sun and water. It was about a month-and-a-half from the first time I noticed a couple baby tomatoes until the time they ripened. Be patient! :D

  4. You are a fabulous photographer, Priscrilla. I can't wait to see how all your veggies do.



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