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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hummingbirds and July Blooms

Hummingbird after the salvias  

As you all know I've been trying to capture a decent photograph of hummingbirds that come by often in my garden. They're so shy and only stay for a few seconds. This little one unexpectedly visited while I was watering the garden and I barely had a chance to turn on the camera before it flew away!

My husband moved the feeder a little closer for a better chance of taking a picture. Yet still, the cute hummingbird stayed for two seconds hiding on the side or behind the feeder.

My mom gave me geraniums from her garden in the spring. I didn't know what color they were, I planted them on the ground in late May and yesterday I noticed the flowers were blooming. I'll have to eventually pull them out and transplant to a container when we move. By the way moving is still up in the air, it depends when this cabin sells. I'm still blogging and I appreciate my readers!

More geraniums to come, it's exciting!

Dahlinova hypnotica, bronze bicolor began blooming again after I deadheaded the flowers. I had to cut it down quite a bit because the leaves were turning yellow and brown but they're back to life again.

I don't have new flowers blooming in the garden for now. The latest addition is yarrow, summer berries I planted in a container. We need to attract more pollinators ... come on bees do your thing!

My African violets are back again. The flowers were gone for awhile. It's nice to know I can keep them alive after I killed several of these 8 years ago from excessive fertilizer and water! Now they're happy on the windowsill with filtered light, less water, left over coffee sometimes, and sea kelp fertilizer. 

We filled the feeder 3 days ago. These wild birds eat too much!  I love watching birds from my garden, they're adorable. Oh this afternoon was a pleasant surprise, it sprinkled for awhile with rolling thunders. We enjoyed the fresh mountain air! It has been too hot and humid so rain is wonderful for a change. Have you been getting any rain? Happy Thursday to all!      



  1. I love the little birds. They are future buffalo wings in my eyes. YUM!
    Just Kidding. Great Pics baby!!!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Love your little hummer. I'd love to be able to grow AV's, but don't do well with them at all.


  3. How exciting to have hummingbirds! The are my favourite garden visitors.

    Oh, and to answer your ?: I use wordpress for Garden Therapy - so I insert a gallery of photos and voila - thumbnails. Not sure how it works with Blogger though.

  4. Great hummingbird pictures! They are really hard to photograph. The Dahlinova is beautiful!

  5. Thanks FlowerLady, Stevie, and Catherine. Yes Hummingbirds are hard to photograph! @ Stevie: I'll research Blogger and see if they have the gallery thumbnail gadget, otherwise I'll figure something out in Photoshop!

  6. Hi Priscilla. Such great images of the hummingbirds around in your garden. Since I am a fan of Yarrow I love your Summer Berries. So pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I'm so impressed with your hummingbird pictures! Mine is not very clear and it's from pretty far away. The only reason you can even see the little bird is because he is perched on the feeder. He must have been starving!
    - Kimmi

  8. Thank you Hocking Hills Gardener, Kimmi and Melissa. Hummingbirds are hard to capture, they're too fast! For now these are my best photos but I'll keep trying to get a more decent, close up picture.


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