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Monday, July 26, 2010

In my Garden Lately

I've been redesigning my page for a cleaner layout, I hope this is it! I'm extremely frustrated because all my photos disappeared then Blogger keeps giving me problems with the post editor not showing things like they should. Arrrggh it's madness working on the issues for hours, I still have to re upload over 100 photographs! If you happen to read one of my older post and images are missing, I'm currently putting them all back. I'm new to the blogging world but I can't believe all the trouble I'm going through. Have this happened to anyone before? I must vent...HELP!   

Nothing much are blooming in my garden except the same flowers in containers. The newest from last week was my lovely pink Geranium, she's adding summer color. I have such small space that I'm limited to planting more flowers, besides it doesn't make sense if we might be moving soon. If you're new here, I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago. Although we're uncertain when this cabin will sell, I have to be prepared to take all the plants with us (if possible) when we leave. 

Salvia Beard Tongue (Penstemon)

Sweet Quinault and Sequoia Strawberries were beginning to ripen in the garden bed but some kind of terrible bug consumed them. I noticed small bites in the fruit so that was disappointing! A few Strawberries were alright so I added those in our salad for dinner. 

I barely have a chance to photograph Hummingbirds because they're shy but you can tell they love the feeder!  

Looking back, only 2 months ago nothing was growing in the raised beds. My husband lovingly built all the Cedarwood boxes including the low budget yet sturdy fence to protect my garden from hungry deers, rabbits, and coyotes...The deers visit often but thankfully no damage to my garden.

For vegetable garden progress update: Today the raised beds are filled with veggies sown mostly from seeds growing lush and healthy. I'm waiting for everything especially Tomatoes, Peppers, Zucchini, and Beans. Idyllwild have a short growing season so I'm curious to see when we'll get to harvest. Vegetable gardening is testing my patience but it's absolutely rewarding to watch plants grow vigorously.

Organic Roma Tomatoes

I started my Tomatoes from seed and check them out taking over the beds! I have 7 varieties with a total of 12 Tomato plants, all have tiny green tomatoes except the 3 Heirlooms with only flower blossoms.

Cherry Tomatoes are popping up nicely in clusters, I'm hoping for sweet juicy Tomatoes to ripen soon! At first, I wasn't aware the packet of seeds I purchased were indeterminate so the plants are becoming enormous, I had to tie them up and keep them from shading other vegetables! I have much to learn and next time things will be planned out better, I'm taking notes. 

My edible garden is a labor of love! I'd like to hear what everyone is harvesting in their veggie gardens. Any gardening advice for a newbie? I appreciate it and have a wonderful week!   


  1. I like the new format!

    The strawberries look good. we have to keep ours picked well so that they don't get eaten by the sow beetles who make perfect little scoops out of them - ugh!

    Your tomatoes also look great. vegetable gardening gets easier every year, I find. Some years I can't grow the easiest things and then in another year like magic it works!

  2. Your garden looks gorgeous to me. I have nothing close to yours. Envy!

    For veggies, I grow various types of chillies, cabbage, spinach and sauropus androgynus. I am shy to talk about tomatoes. So far only one tomato. Don't know why.

    I do not have problem with google but I have a problem with Blotanical. I have been picking posts but I don't see it recorded anywhere. Others have picked my posts but I don't get to see who they are. All I see is an error message.

  3. Your strawberries and tomatoes look wonderful. I think you are doing a fantastic job with your gardens, you and your DH both.


  4. Beautiful salvia! The strawberry looks so delicious! Can't wait to see those tomatoes turn red!

  5. Priscilla,
    Well, I'll try again to have a successful posting. The pictures are great! The Salvia Beard Tongue looks so beautiful. Too bad about the bugs eating the strawberries - wonder what is doing it. It's a good idea to take notes.

  6. @ Stevie: Thanks, I'm trying to keep my blog less cluttered! I hope to plant my veggie gardens better next time. @ One, I appreciate the compliments, it's very encouraging since I'm new to vegetable gardening. @ FlowerLady, Aaron, and mom Myrna thank you very much for the nice comments. I hope those bugs will leave my Strawberries alone. They're so sweet but looks disgusting when the bugs eat them!

  7. The strawberry looks yummy and the creek near your home looks awesome..thanks for sharing the pics


  8. Pricilla, Thank you for visiting my blog. I will answer your question on the tomatoes.

    I planted 26 plants. Some, like the Green Zebra are still not ready. I did pick one yesterday, but they need a little more time. The heirloom's that I have ripe now are Carbon Black Salad, Dr. Lyle( pink beefsteak), Erica D'Austrailia, Debarao and Victoria (both plum/paste tomatoes). I also am very impressed with a hybrid named Estivia. Ronde De Nice is a good size purple pink color and Cherokee purple both are doing well. Brandywine, I am disappointed in agan this year. Just not producing like it did a few years ago. I have 4 different cherry/pear tomatoes too which are included in the 26 plant total.

    I grew these all from plants that I purchased at a local country store called Hawthorne Country Store. They always have a huge selection the first week in March. I generally set them out then. Seeds just take so long, but I have planted Green Zebra from seed this year; the plants are behind the others and are only about 2 feet tall. As long as the weather stays good I think it will still have plenty of time to give us a good crop.

  9. I wanted to also say that your tomatoes look very healthy and I love your raised beds. Mine are just made with some old adobe bricks we had that we recycled from a wall we took down.

    I think like you mentioned since you are in the mountains yours are a bit behind mine. Even mine seemed to be later this year. We have had a lot of day with a marine layer and it sets them back. I think you will have a ton of tomatoes in August so get ready. As far as tomato canning goes, I don't do that much. I like to freeze them instead. I like your idea of the wine added to the sauce. I have not done that. I just do it the way I show on my blog and then for the larger tomatoes I cut those in half and roast the same way as I did the Romas, I pull the skin off after roasting and then put them in freezer containers. Give it a try I think you will really like the flavor that roasting brings out in the tomatoes.

  10. Your blog looks great and so does your garden!

  11. Carla, thanks very much for the advice! I'm excited about making Tomato Sauce then putting them in jars to freeze. Wow that was a lot of Tomato plants, I thought I had plenty! It's great if you plan to make sauce and salsa. Heirlooms seem to be taking forever, mine are also only 2' tall and have flowers now. I started them back from seeds in February and couldn't set them outside until mid March which was our frost free month. All your Tomato varieties sounds good. @ Heather, thanks for the comment. Your garden looks wonderful!

  12. Love the raised beds idea! Much easier on the back and everthing is contained! Mmmm..tomatoes look yummy! I have a few also planted in pots tucked in among the flowers!Happy day to you!


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