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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Visiting Mom's Garden and O.C. Fair!

Sometimes my husband and I need to get away from the mountains, we long to see the city and relieve ourselves from cabin fever! It's almost a 3 hour drive yet exciting when you've been couped up at home talking to Squirrels. We visited my sister and stayed at my parent's house for 2 days. Roses in my mom's backyard garden were in bloom but not all since she pruned them. They weren't blooming like I saw them long ago. I love this baby pink rose, its fragrance was sweet and delicate to touch.

My mother is sick and her condition seems worse as she gets older. She's weak with Arthritis and can't tend to the garden like before. Years ago there were flowers blooming all around like crazy. Too bad I can't find photos I took from my first digital camera. Although the garden is not colorful like I remember, it's still lush like a private forest. She also owns about 20 Parakeets living in a large birdhouse cage my dad built and another 4 Lovebirds in a separate cage. Wild birds come by everyday perching on the branches of trees. It's truly serene and my mom loves nature like I do.

Interesting Succulent, I don't know the name but it's growing and trailing down near the ground. She can plant almost anything then leave it alone until it grows triple the size!

I appreciate follage in the garden. When there aren't flowers; leaves certainly add color, shape, and texture.

Here's an old water fountain that I'm guessing wasn't working but is now a nice garden statue tucked in her garden.

I gave my mom Hibiscus years ago. I recall it being small but today the Hibiscus is a giant bush with tons of blooms. It's tropical and I'd love to grow them someday when we're in the proper hardiness zone and I have garden space.

I'm reminiscing about how mom's garden used to be when she had energy to keep up with it! I only have a few pictures of flowers that grew in her garden. I believe this is Dahlia, it's vibrant and beautiful!

I LOVE the ruffled petals of this rose and I'm obsessed with every shade of pink flowers! This variety is not in bloom yet but my mother's garden surprises me when flowers pop up in unexpected places.  

Mums in many shades bloomed profusely in her garden along with other gorgeous flowers of various color. I'm inspired to continue gardening and one day I'll have more room to plant flowers, veggies, and herbs! 

Hubby and I spent quality time together, we had a blast at the annual O.C. Fair in Costa Mesa! This was the Centennial Farm and Garden Show. It amazing to see everything contestants grew from kids and adults that entered. Behind me were a variety of onions, very fun to look at!

Many veggies in the show, here's an arbor covered with beans!

I was checking out all the vegetables and that motivated me to eat more greens! 

I love Sunflowers even on a cloudy afternoon. Sunflowers have a way of cheering me up and brightening up the day.

Quite expensive Plumerias but I'd like to grow them in the future!

There were plenty of animals in the Barn Show. My husband took this adorable picture of a snoozing pig and piggies! 

Llama busy chewing hay! 

Some freaky bird costume on stilts? 

We treated ourselves to yummy greasy food throughout the day, but it was the first time I ever had Funnel cake. It was a huge plate of warm dessert we shared and it was absolutely divine! :) 


  1. Your mother's garden looks lovely! She is lucky to have a daughter that appreciates it like you!

  2. I like the idea of being couped up with the squirrels & staying in a cabin. But I understand what you mean. Balance is what we need. Lovely photos!

  3. Hi Priscilla. Your Mom's flowers are so pretty. I love the roses, they are just beautiful.
    I imagine she hates it that she cannot get out in the garden like she use to.It gets harder as we get older and it disappoints us.I wish I could do as much as I use to be able to do too.
    The Fair looks so fun and yes, that is one funny bird LOL!
    yummy, I love funnel cakes!

  4. Priscilla,

    Gee, I wanted to see your pics but only was able to see the one of you standing in front of vegetables. The others were a white square with a blue square in the middle with a question mark. I'm sorry your mom isn't feeling so well. She sounds like a natural gardener.

  5. Priscilla, thank you for visiting my blog. I just joined yours. We have visited many times to your mountains. We stayed in a wonderful cabin that had a tree growing up through the roof. It has a fantastic wraparound porch, a beautiful view and so many trees. It was wonderful.

    I love the photo of your butterfly. They are in my garden now and enjoying the zinnia's I have planted for them.

    I am sorry to hear that your mother is suffering from arthritis and is unable to tend her garden. I will send healing thoughts.

  6. Carla, thanks for visiting too. I added you to my blogroll and looking forward to reading your posts and yummy recipes! Yes my mom has chronic Arthritis and other conditions that prevents her from doing much in the garden. She did mention in the past that gardening is healing therapy and helps her forget her illness. However it's hard on my mom's knees and not easy to dig any longer. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and it was nice meeting you :)

  7. Mom, I lost all my photos when I changed the layout, over 100 of them! I'm currently working on uploading them all to my older posts. It's such a pain, it's frustrating! Glad to see you here and you're now able to leave comments :)


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