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Thursday, August 5, 2010

August blooms and family dinners

Tuberous begonias add striking color to our front porch. These garden beauties last long and the more I pinch, the more flowers bloom! The carnival shade of vivid orange with yellow is one of my favorites. Begonias can be grown indoors or outside but prefer partial sun to shade. We receive morning sun in this location of the cabin so my plants are doing well. You can't over water begonias and they need well-draining soil. Allow the plants to dry in between, otherwise they rot.

Trailing phlox are still in bloom but I haven't seen much of the butterflies near them. I miss the butterflies around here!   

My little sunflower, elves blend bloomed a couple days ago. I planted it from seed in early spring and kind of left it there so it surprised me that it popped up. With my small garden, I can't plant huge amazing sunflowers I admire. I'm already cramming in whatever I could in tight spaces! The variety I sowed are perfect for small containers or balcony gardening. 

A packet of sunflower elves blend from Botanical Interests™

Duranta erecta aurea, yellow. I adore foliage of all shades and shapes. This lovely plant hanging on a coco basket is very bright!    

Last time my strawberries were ravaged by bugs. These were fine and although tiny, they were sweet! 

I planted leaf lettuce from seed, summer European bouquet red and greens. Seeds are from Renee's Garden. Look closely at the beautiful texture. It was crispy, buttery and delicious!  

Oak leaf lettuce are growing quickly, we have to eat them before they bolt! My husband and I are having more salads than ever before.  

Red sails, leaf lettuce. Seeds are from Botanical Interests™ These are interesting and delightful. I love the burgundy-ruffled edges, attractive and tasty as well! It's heat-resistant and won't bolt fast in the summer.  

An idea I read from a book by author Gayla Trail, creator of www.yougrowgirl.com Normally cloches are made of glass, you can simply make affordable plastic ones to protect little seedlings. I created mine with Coffee-mate® creamer bottles. Just cut the bottom with a sharp knife and cover seedlings until they're ready without them! The cloche was like a mini greenhouse that shielded my lettuce from the blazing sun, wind and bugs.        

The result of using cloches was outstanding, I had no problems with my harvest. My organic romaine, little gem seeds from Burpee www.burpee.com was tender and beautiful.       

A basket-filled with a variety of leaf lettuce and herbs from my garden to feed a family of 4. My awesome mom and dad-in-law are visiting here for a week and they enjoyed fresh lettuce I grew for the first time with homemade vinaigrette dressing. 

The wonderful bowl of salad with herbs and candied pecans, yummy!

I didn't grow these (I wish!) I'm still waiting for my tomatoes and other veggies but I thought I'd share the picture of a healthy meal. Hubby made tortilla soup using the Vita-Mix® BlenderCombine hot water, vegetables, natural bouillon and tortilla chips then you have hearty soup in a flash. It was delicious, a fantastic vegetarian dinner! Making it this way is efficient and the blender we own breaks down fiber in the cellular level. Talk about great nutrition. 

I baked biscuits from scratch and prepared honey butter with a dash of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Dinner was excellent and time spent with family around the table laughing together was precious.   

Another special meal with family celebrating 6 sweet months with my incredible husband. He grilled the lemon thyme chicken, my own recipe that turned out juicy and moist. I made my rosemary pan-fried potatoes and a new recipe I found: lemon-dill green beans. I altered the recipe by adding some French fried onions and sliced almonds for crunch. 
What a sweet ending, homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies. We all couldn't get enough of the cookies that was chewy on the inside and crispy around the edges. Chocolate is absolutely divine!  

"Happy and successful cooking doesn't rely only on know-how; it comes from the heart, makes great demands on the palate and needs enthusiasm and a deep love of food to bring it to life." ~Georges Blanc


  1. Beautiful August flowers.
    It's really nice to eat from our own garden. Fresh & nutritious.

  2. Priscilla ~ Your flowers are beautiful and I'm glad to hear and see your success with growing vegetables and strawberries too.

    The taco soup sounds good, and your other meal looks very yummy too.


  3. Hi Priscilla. Your begonias are just so pretty. I rot mine so I must be keeping them too wet. Now you went and made me hungry and the cookies look so yummy.

  4. The begonias and phlox is beautiful! The sunflower is cute too! Those yummy-looking food makes me drool.

  5. Thanks One, it's very healthy to eat from your own garden! @ FlowerLady, Lona, and Aaron thank you for the wonderful comments. Cooking is enjoyable to me and I love when others appreciate it!

  6. Priscilla, your veggies look great! I love Renee's seeds too. The plastic cloches are great. I'm going to start saving my bottles.


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