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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surprise veggie harvest

We were in Idaho to visit family for a little over a week. We didn't plan on staying longer than a week but we took our time on the road sightseeing and having a blast! My husband's cousin live in Eagle, Idaho and it's our first time seeing this beautiful state. This was what happened when we were away, suddenly roma tomatoes ripened in my garden. You all know how long I've been waiting. Having a short growing season in the mountains and being 6,000 feet in elevation made it quite a challenge for a new vegetable gardener.      

Cherry tomatoes are turning red. It was exceptionally juicy and sweet, I tried one straight from the vine while checking out what else is happening in my garden! Thanks to Seeds of Change™ for the certified organic seeds.  

More jalapenos are popping up in the raised bed and container. I made roasted salsa with fresh Tomatoes and garlic yesterday and that was great! Several serrano chiles were growing in the garden too for salsa verde but my tomatillos still only have flower blossoms with no fruit. Perhaps it's true in my research that you need more than one plant to pollinate. We'll see.        

I bought this islander bell pepper at the local nursery a couple weeks ago when I noticed healthy looking flowers. There were peppers in the garden when we came back from vacation. What an interesting plant because the label said purple pepper will turn red. Hmmm I wonder how they taste? Maybe I can add them to fajitas.      

Zucchini were tiny when we left and they grew pretty big. Hubby grilled one for dinner yesterday, so yummy and it can't compare to store bought! Zucchini seeds were from Botanical Interests™

Strawberries are beginning to ripen in the coco basket planter. The Strawberry bed is also doing well, that's sweet news!   

My organic harvest: various leaf lettuce, zucchini, beans, jalapeno, roma and cherry tomatoes all grown from seed. Sometimes leaving the garden behind for awhile can bring delightful surprises! Thank you to my awesome father-in-law for giving me Raindrip irrigation system and to our kind neighbor for watching over my garden.       

Another little sunflower bloomed while we were gone. Vibrant yellow color cheers me up and brightens the garden. Sunflower elves blend grown from seed from one of my favorite company Botanical Interests™ 

Happy Saturday my friends, have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Wow, so beautiful and fresh they are Priscilla. Thanks for your comments on my blog sweetie, they are helpful, take care, Gina

  2. Wow! A week away and back to a bountiful harvest. How amazing!!! Over here, my plants would have dried up.

  3. Hi Priscilla,

    You have quite a bountiful harvest to enjoy!
    I love this time of year when we get to reap what we sow.
    Take care and thanks for visiting Dung Hoe.

  4. Yay! Your harvest looks so pretty and colorful! Congrats on coming home to your garden's bounty!

  5. Looks scrumptious! The mini sunflower is cute!

  6. Hi Priscilla, Welcome back. Glad that you enjoyed your trip. Did you bring back any Idaho potatoes? You certainly have a very good harvest! Your veggies are fantastic. I'm drooling over the pictures of your tomatoes! The zucchinis are perfect and the jalapeno peppers, gosh! I think I should leave my garden for a week! LOL!

  7. Gina: Thank you for the comment. You're welcome, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

    One: I'm glad my father in-law bought me a drip irrigation system with automatic timer or everything would've wilted! I had a nice neighbor who watched my garden since he passes by every morning to walk his dogs.

    Rosey: I love homegrown veggies, it's certainly rewarding to grow your own food especially when organic!

    Kimmi: Thank you! I was surprised to come home and harvest my vegetables, what a pleasant surprise!

    Aaron: Everything was fresh and delicious, thanks! Sunflowers are fun and easy to grow from seed.

    Joyce: I appreciate the sweet comments and yes we enjoyed the trip! No Potatoes, we should've brought some but we overpacked. We were gone more than a week, a 2 day drive and took our time to get home because of sightseeing. Next Spring I'll plant more Zucchini and Beans, I'm learning. Tomatoes are taking time to ripen, very slow here in our altitude and weather is cooling down. It's not easy to leave my garden but I'm glad I had Raindrip irrigation to keep the garden alive!

  8. Hi Priscilla,
    Your garden is doing fantastic - I can't believe you are a beginner! Looks like you've been doing it for years, and getting it right. I love that purple pepper! That's the color I'd have to have in my garden to match my flowers. LOL

  9. Priscilla, what a fabulous garden! You definitely have a green thumb! Sounds like you had a great trip and a wonderful surprise when you returned home!

  10. Hi Priscilla, your vegetable garden looks wonderful. I spent last weekend pulling out most of the tomato plants I had as they are already finished producing. I still have two green zebra plants. Wish I were at your house picking produce now that mine is pretty much finished.

    Thank you for viisitng my blog. I look forward to more updates on your garden adventure!

  11. RainGardener: Thanks for the encouraging comment. I'm hoping the harvest will be better next year, I need more space to plant!

    Pam: Thank you, it was a long drive but the trip was fun. It was great to come home to my garden again!

    Carla: Thanks! I'm still waiting for my Heirloom Tomatoes to turn red. I hope the weather will stay warm until October, besides I'm in CA! Otherwise I have to do fried green Tomatoes!


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