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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vegetable garden update

Purple bush beans

I planted tricolor beans from seed and thought we'd be harvesting much more. I didn't plan my veggie garden that well and ran out of room ... I'm new to the world of vegetable gardening but I'm learning. Next time, I'll be planting more beans and vegetables! I'll be writing a list to make the most out of small spaces and taking notes so we can have a productive edible garden in the future.          

My organic heirloom green beans. I'm glad it's easy to grow Beans so I'll be sure to leave room for more plants!   

When I planted organic jalapenos from seeds, I almost gave up. It took around 2 weeks to germinate, it seemed like forever for the plant to grow and bear flowers. I sowed jalapenos for the purpose of making salsa. I thought tomatoes will ripen first but to my surprise peppers are producing faster considering jalapenos can take up to 80 days to mature.   

I'm SO frustrated about my roma tomatoes, they're healthy but still GREEN and I began them from seed since February. Everyone else in warmer climates already harvested red juicy tomatoes in June or July! I'm aware since we moved here in the mountains that gardening can be challenging because of high altitude. We're 6,000 feet up and our climate is dry. 

Roma aren't supposed to take very long for being early varieties. I did my best with tomatoes but I'm still WAITING! We're getting near the middle of August but the weather is gradually cooling down especially at night. I don't get it! Perhaps I'll be making fried green tomatoes instead of sauce and salsa. According to research, I discovered pruning will stress the plants and that will encourage fruit ripening instead of blooming more flowers. Yesterday I pruned the suckers and extra flower blossoms on all my tomato plants. I'm hoping to see red fruits in the next couple of weeks. Maybe!      

I have tons of green roma tomatoes but this one looked like a spark of hope. I noticed it was kind of orange, does that mean it will ripen soon? Any advice are welcome from experienced vegetable gardeners. I truly appreciate it! Gardening is a learning experience indeed, it's all about the journey and simply having fun.  

My wonderful, generous dad-in-law surprised me with irrigation system for my raised beds, he also bought a neat digital timer! The irrigation is the black tube above, I have tubes spread throughout the garden. We can save water, time and I don't have to worry about losing my plants again if we go away for a weekend or something.    

Heirloom tomato I planted from seed, marvel stripe. I don't know if I'll see fruits ripen because we have such short growing season. We had snow in April and it didn't start warming up until the end of May. Oh how I wish someday to live in a climate where we can grow vegetables all year long! We're looking to move, somewhere more affordable than California. My husband's parents have to sell this cabin and we might be moving out of state.      

Swiss chard is doing alright in the garden. I didn't start them from seed but I bought a packet from Botanical Interests™ to plant for the fall. We love sautéed swiss chard, it's super healthy, delicious and a good way to add more greens in our diet. I had great success growing vigorous lettuce with more salad that we can eat but we need a variety of other veggies!

Red pak choi I purchased at the nursery but waiting for them to grow bigger. I plan to stir fry pak choi in sesame oil with fresh garlic, onions, and ginger. Yummy with rice!        

My mom gave me petunias about a month ago. I kind of neglected them and most of the leaves turned brown, I thought the plant was dying. Flowers are blooming in the back porch but I haven't transplanted the petunias yet to my garden.   

While watering my plants, a hummingbird flew by. It's still difficult to get a photograph but I take chances whenever I'm out there with the camera. This is the last of that red stuff nectar! From now on we're going to make our own sugar water since red dye is harmful to the birds. Check out Associated Content for more info.

I'd love to hear exciting things that are happening in everyone's garden. Hope you all have a delightful Thursday!      


  1. Your veggies look great! Our tomatoes down here on the coast aren't turning red either, not hot enough yet this summer.

  2. you are doing great for a first-timer. I struggled much more than you in my first year. Keep picking those beans and you'll keep getting more!

  3. Wow! You are doing great! Apart from your love and care for what you grow, do you think the soil in your area has contributed to such wonderful produce? It seems very fertile.

  4. Mm...looks yummy! That petunia is lovely!

  5. @ Stevie: Thank you, it's a struggle when you're a veggie gardener beginner but I'm definitely taking notes, I'm hoping for a better harvest next time! I also love seeing photos of your veggies! @ One, we seem to have decent fertile soil. I have raised beds, I amended the soil the best I could and added organic soil. I learned it's good to spend time preparing the beds before planting anything. I just need to plan my garden better!

  6. Hi Priscilla. Now those beans are just to pretty to eat LOL! Your veggies look so good.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Priscilla, your vegies look wonderful, especially for a beginner. I have no luck with seeds at all but I keep trying. The only thing we do other than flowers is tomatoes so my hubby can have his 'fried green tomatoes' that he loves. I've got to admit they have grown on me over the years.
    Thanks so much for stopping by, I love the company!

  8. Wow, Priscilla, you really have a lovely garden of veggies! I love all your veggies, you are certainly doing a great job! I like your jalapeno, tomatoes, beans, in fact, all of your veggies! Looking forward on your next veggie post!

  9. Way to go with the gardening! It all looks great and you will have lots of good veggies to eat! Great hummingbird pic!

  10. Thank you Pam. I can't wait to harvest more veggies, I'll be planning the garden a little better for the Spring!


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