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Monday, September 27, 2010

Delightful September harvest

Last week my garden surprised me again with a lovely harvest. I was getting ready to pull out all my tomato plants but fruits began to ripen, everything was late but my little garden managed to produce. I grew most vegetables from seed indoors under my grow light (I promise to start earlier next season!) except the swiss chard, islander bell pepper, broccoli, and strawberries. In the basket we have zucchini, green zebra tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, serrano chiles, and jalapeno peppers. I planted veggies for the fall and I'm hoping for a decent harvest. We'll see, I'm very new to growing from seeds!         

I can't believe how much roma tomatoes I picked and the garden is still producing. I made fresh organic tomato sauce and in another post I'll share what I did, stay tuned! If there's one thing I like about living in California (although we're in the mountains at 6,000 feet) is the warm weather sometimes until December. Weather is still unpredictable but I remember when I lived inland, all month of December was sunny and people were wondering what happened to winter.     

I'm glad I ordered certified organic cherry tomato seeds from Seeds of Change. These were incredibly juicy and sweet. I gave some to my mom and sister and they loved them. I'll have to plant these again next year!   

I knew nothing about how long it took for heirloom tomatoes to ripen, especially when planted from seed. From this experience, I'll be sure to sow earlier next time. This is green zebra, seeds were purchased from Renee's Garden.    

First time I ever had green zebra tomatoes before and they were enjoyable. Quite interesting to see how they look from the inside, I'd grow them again.  

Green zebra on a plate, I prepared fried green tomatoes! Great flavor, excellent with ranch dressing for appetizers. 

I'm not sure what's happening to the marvel stripe tomatoes, another heirloom. I've been waiting for them to ripen for awhile. Anyone know how they're supposed to look when ready? My husband said they resemble little pumpkins. They're cute for the shape!    

My brandywine heirloom tomatoes. I have no idea if they'll turn red at all, maybe in a brown bag. I heard they're not easy to grow and perhaps I planted the seeds late. I'd like to find out how they taste. Let me know your review if you grew these tomatoes.       

I bought broccoli from the local nursery and started them late spring. They're doing pretty well, I'd definitely plant more next time.  

My strawberries are still producing in the raised bed and basket planters. They ripen a little at a time but worth waiting for. Exceptionally sweet for a snack if you don't allow them to grow very big.      

I haven't been making floral arrangements that much but I thought I'd put together fall flowers from my garden. Here's a tiny vase for fun. It's different that I picked Thai basil flowers and salvia for fillers but they seem to go together with the colors of my mums! What wonderful flowers are you growing for your fall garden? 

Last week I posted a giveaway contest for certified organic seeds: Carrots, gourmet baby greens Lettuce, and sugar snap pea. Thanks to all who entered :) Congrats to Rosey for winning the Botanical Interests packet of veggie seeds and eco-friendly Wildflower plantable heart notes. Visit her beautiful garden blog!  
2 winners were chosen for the plantable heart notes: Bangchik, check out her fascinating garden blog and Carol, a talented artist. Visit her painting room for amazing paintings of flowers.  

Happy Monday fellow gardeners and have a fantastic week!      


  1. Hi Priscilla, just found your blog and im loving the photos. Your harvest looks great , particularly the zebrano tomatoes. Ive moved my family to the country to live a more rural life, but I wish we had the weather you guys have for growing - it looks beautiful!

  2. Wow, beautiful harvest from your beautiful garden! If this is my garden, I think I would make a camp right there just so I could be close to all the gorgeous tomatoes, peppers and all the rest! LOL! You know what I mean! The green tomatoes are fabulous! Great job on your garden!

  3. freerange girl: Thanks for visiting, yes we certainly have good weather but it's expensive to live in this state. We're considering moving and hopefully somewhere that's not high altitude and somewhere I'll have plenty of room to grow everything!

    Joyce: Thank you for the wonderful comments and encouragement. Your cooking blog is great and so is your garden! :)

  4. We grow Brandywine and had a real monster last year I have a post about it here


  5. Priscilla, That is a gorgeous looking veggie basket! It's a whole lot better looking than my flower bouquet. Serious!

  6. Priscilla I am so hungry after seeing your harvest - I've never tasted zebra green tomatoes but they must taste ever so good fried like that.

  7. One: Thank you for the comment, I'm glad my garden is still producing and I picked more Tomatoes, around 4 lbs today to make sauce!

    Rosie:Green Zebra was great, I love frying it! I'm definitely growing them again.

  8. Wow! Your tomatoes are just so perfect. The fried green tomatoes look so tastey! I can't wait for your recipe. Good luck with your fall veggies :)

  9. What a beautiful harvest. It all looks so appetizing.


  10. what a great harvest!! I'm so glad that it is all coming together :)

  11. Fantastic harvest! Love all the pictures of your produce.

    I only have one tomato plant left and that is the Green Zebra. I think it is my favorite one. I can't believe I forgot to make fried green tomatoes this year. I will try it with the zebras.

  12. Your fruit and veg looks extremely healthy and appetizing. Looks like you're doing a great job!

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