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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mums in my garden

My Garden Mums
It has been a busy weekend for me since I went with family to Women of Faith ® conference for 2 nights. I left hubby at home for 4 days because I also visited my parents but now I'm back! I'm spiritually refreshed, motivated, and encouraged. It was the first time I experienced this inspiring event in Orange County, there must have been thousands of women there in the Honda Center arena. All the speakers moved us with their stories of God's faithfulness, love, grace, and presence during the most difficult moments of their lives. We all can relate to these honest women whether it's about grief, loss, anger, loneliness, and brokenness. 

Worship and concert was also amazing, I look forward to next year's event! Thanks to my sweet mom-in-law who took care of my conference ticket and the elegant room at the Ayres Hotel, I'm truly blessed. I missed my husband and I'm glad to be home. He's wonderful to watch over my garden and more tomatoes ripened while I was away! The latest  addition are various chrysanthemums to add color for the fall. I love the bright orange mums because it reminds me of the changing season.

By the way I'm happy and grateful to announce my vegetable garden photography was published at Botanical Interests™ online store, all four of them! Check out one of my photos on their website; leaf lettuce I grew from seed. I highly recommend this family-owned company for huge selection of great quality seeds, whether you're looking for certified organic, no GMOs, or heirloom. If you shop there click the button link on the right side bar of my blog, your purchase supports me and I appreciate it. Tell me, what's blooming in your September garden? Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday! 

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  1. Dishesdone, thank you for the nice comment!

  2. Congratulations! Well done! Your flowers are truly beautiful! Your leaf lettuce is indeed fabulous!

  3. Gorgeous chrysanthemums! They are hot items for Chinese New Year since they are regarded as auspicious.

  4. Beautiful mums and lettuce. Congratulations for having your photos selected. You take great photos apart from producing great plants.

  5. Congratulations! Your mum pictures are beautiful!

  6. Congratulations on your pictures being published and on getting a refreshing time with the women. Sometimes we need to hear about what others have gone through and came through to remember our own blessings.
    Your mums are so pretty!

  7. Your Mums are beautiful. I just love them but I wish they would come back! Congratulations on having your photos published. How exciting for you!

  8. Love your collage - those mums are so pretty at this time of year. Congratulations on having your photo published in the seed catalogue - I had a little look at it and it looks great.

  9. Joyce: Thank you for the wonderful comment, the Lettuce tasted great too!

    Aaron: Thanks, they're indeed beautiful...I better get more and have them all over my garden!

    Carol: Thanks for the congrats and for stopping by. I saw your watercolor paintings and they're beautiful! I paint too but haven't been doing much, I need to practice watercolor again...

    Lona: The conference was refreshing and you begin to realize that whatever you face in this crazy world, you're not alone and God gets us through, He's faithful and true. The Mums at the nursery are hard to resist since they have them in stunning colors waiting for me to take home!

    RainGardener: Mums are lovely, I was told they're perennials in our climate, we'll see. Thanks for the congrats!

    Rosie: I appreciate the encouraging comment, I know you're wonderful with photography. I keep practicing and trying to learn more about it!


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