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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Organic veggie garden: Seeds giveaway! {closed}

I love gardening and growing our own healthy organic vegetables. The first time I grew from seeds, I was uncertain if everything was done right, impatiently anticipating whether seeds that were sown will reward us with harvest! I was delighted by the mystery and excitement of it all, as it taught me to wait (although it's not always easy). I'm not a garden expert and every gardener still have plenty to learn no matter what level of experience you have. I realized it's better to have fun, try again, and continue to learn. You never know the surprises your garden can bring and it's absolutely rewarding. Sometimes it's all about trial and error! I'm sharing the joy of gardening by giving away 3 packets of certified organic vegetable seeds: Carrot, lettuce mesclun gourmet baby greens (perfect for small gardens), and sugar snap pea you can plant in the fall or early spring. 
Botanical Interests™ impressed me with large selection of seeds and wonderful organic or heirloom variety. I'm very pleased with their high quality products.        

I'm also giving away 3 eco-friendly wildflowers plantable hearts from 
Botanical Paperworks, it's made from 100% post consumer paper. Plant them or give sweet little notes to someone you love. The plantable hearts are very special because I gave them as party favors for my beach wedding and I recently got married!   

To enter: 

1. You have to be a member of this blog. Simply leave a comment telling me why you love to garden and what inspires you to do so. To draw the winners, I'll need a way to contact you so please include your e-mail address or send me a private note with that info.       

2. For an additional entry, blog about the giveaway and let me know that you did. 

3. For an additional entry, tell others on facebook about the giveaway and let me know that you did. 

Winners will be chosen according to beautiful and sincere writing about gardening and effort of telling others about the giveaway. Winners will be narrowed to 3 best contestants but only 1 will receive the vegetable seed packets with 3 plantable heart notes. The other 2 contestants will each receive 3 plantable heart notes only. Goodluck! ♥

Contest is open to all until Saturday, September 25th at midnight PST             


  1. If I push memory back and far, it must be the day Dad built a massive structure, which is known as trellis or para in my language, that gardening opened a window and I let myself in. It is a real joy to see plants growing, flowering and fruiting. Now I am part of a habitat that I call and blog as my little vegetable garden.
    ~ bangchik
    and now I am inviting you for a different thing... check it out.

  2. My obsession with gardening started when my Dad let me plant Shirley All double poppies, radishes, and lettuce in my own raised bed. I was also enchanted by gardening because of my Grandmother and grandfathers beloved tulips and fruit trees. I'm hooked to this day.

    I will also mention your give-away tomorrow in my post.


  3. Hi Priscilla,
    Where abouts are you in CA?
    I grew up in San Diego county.
    Your blog is lovely and I look forward getting
    to know you. Thanks for visiting and leaving your link...it's nice to meet you! ;)

  4. Hi Priscilla,
    I'm a new follower & I love to garden. This year was especially hard with the heat waves and drought, but there's always next year!

  5. Whoops, forgot to tell you the reason I garden:
    I think each flower & plant is a small miracle. Something grand & gorgeous or sweet & delicate can grow and bloom from the smallest seed.

  6. There are so many reasons why I garden, but the most important -I simply love it. My garden is my playground. I love trying new things, so I try hugelkultur beds, biochar, rock dust, making my compost, companion planting, new unusual veggies, plants for teas. Love soil smell, plant smell, sounds. And, of course I love eating the bounty straight from the garden.
    And my son loves picking carrots and cucumbers and eating them too.

  7. Anonymous9/20/2010

    I love to garden because I get free lizards in my garden that eat the bugs. Then the bugs don't eat my veggies.
    I like lizards. They eat bugs.

  8. 3 winners have been chosen! Thanks everyone for entering the organic veggie seeds giveaway. I'll be contacting you by e-mail and I'll be mailing the seed packets to you asap. Have fun and happy gardening! :)


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