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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Idaho adventure

A private lake behind the Hilton Garden Inn we found, Boise River

It has been almost a week since we returned home to California from Idaho. There are plenty of photos to share of our road trip adventure. We saw Eagle, Boise, and Twin Falls Idaho. Since we drove, my husband Bryan and I visited Ely, Hoover Dam and Vegas (stayed at the Stratosphere hotel for a night) Nevada too. Here I posted several pictures from Idaho.  

Yes those are my feet in the lake! I'd be embarrass to show them but I got a pedicure treat with my hubby's cousin Lori at the nail spa, yay pink toe nails! We stayed at Lori's lovely home in Eagle for a week. We're grateful for her kindness, hospitality and giving us a tour of the town.      

I can't tell you the name but it sure was a pretty native flower by the lake 

Another interesting native plant. These look like ornamental berries or something. Let me know if you can identify it.   

Idaho State Capitol, Boise

Boise was the busiest part of Southwest Idaho. What they call traffic there was nothing compared to our crazy California freeway traffic! The city was marvelous filled with recreational activities, outdoor adventures, arts, fine restaurants, and shopping. It impressed us how friendly and polite the people were. Everyone we met was pleasant and helpful!     

We stopped by at Le Cafe De Paris, French Bistro in downtown Boise for afternoon coffee and dessert. This duo au chocolat was absolutely divine, what an amazing piece of chocolate heaven! A white chocolate with dark chocolate mousse and chocolate crust in the bottom. I'd definitely go back for this! 

Some kind of Hawaiian chicken pizza appetizer, I forgot the name!

My husband and I went on a dinner date, we found a great restaurant called Ono Hawaiian Cafe in Boise. It was fantastic because we got married on the beach in Kaua'i, Hawai'i so it brought back sweet memories, at least from the inside of the restaurant! We enjoyed the pulled smoked BBQ pork, friendly service and tropical ambiance.       

Thanks to Lori for taking care of my taco cravings. She treated me out to lunch for authentic Mexican food and I got my fix! We went to this small taco stand called Lorena's near the gas station and let me tell you, these tacos were the best. I had the chicken and pork tacos with chopped onions, fresh salsa, tons of cilantro and lime just the way I like it! Lorena was genuinely friendly and I highly recommend her taco stand if you're ever in Boise.        

Cornfields right before sunset

Idaho is an agricultural state and that's one of the things I admire about it. Many have edible gardens and an opportunity to have your own farm. Homes have huge amount of land where you can sustainably grow food and even raise chickens! We're considering moving to Idaho and waiting for opportunities. We've been searching for jobs and working on getting both our business started at the same time. We're praying, thinking and planning. If God willing Idaho is where we'll be. We were astonished by the lower cost of living, more affordable gorgeous new homes (compared to incredibly expensive California), clean fresh air and a better quality of life.     

Magnificent sunset behind the cornfields, photo taken by Bryan Prince  

Delectable Bavarian chocolate cake with iced blended mocha!

We visited this adorable coffee house called Rembrandts in Eagle, Idaho. The coffeehouse used to be a church and we were delighted by the artistic atmosphere. It seemed like a great place to hang out, read and relax. I thought it was awesome they only purchased Fair Trade and organic coffee. I strongly support organic and local organic farms.        

On the way home we checked out Carmela Vineyards, Glenns Ferry. Inside the building was a gift shop with a nice selection of wine.   

Spectacular Shoshone Falls at Twin Falls, a natural beauty. You don't want to miss it if you travel to Idaho!

Cousin Lori was indeed wonderful to spend a few hours one morning to show me the basics of canning because it has been an interest of mine. She demonstrated how to make and can strawberry jam. A pressure canner is certainly going on my Christmas wish list for preserving high and low acid foods next season. We got to take home delicious huckleberry and strawberry jam along with salsa. I truly appreciate Lori for her time, also for giving me an excellent canning book and a surprise gift seed saving kit for my garden. God bless your generous heart! We'd love to go back to Idaho and perhaps move there, the Lord knows if or when.

Happy Thursday to all! I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our short but sweet vacation.              


  1. Great pictures and vacation , you two are the cutest couple, really precious, enjoy life sweetie, GIna

  2. Thank you Gina, that was a sweet comment! I appreciate it!

  3. I can see why you would want to move there. Idaho is indeed a beautiful place! Just follow your heart and everything will fall in place (that's what I always think!). Good luck on your decision, I'm sure you and your hubby will make a wise one!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing with us such beautiful memories and scenic views. What a wonderful place this is.

  5. Pricilla I really do hope that the Lord opens the door for you at this new location. The photos look great.

  6. Hi Priscilla. This posting is not only filled with beautiful sights but it appeals to the appetites as well. That Bavarian cake really made my mouth water. LOL! The falls and sunset is just beautiful. And so are your toes LOL!

  7. Joyce: Idaho is beautiful and a wonderful opportunity. We need work or a business in order to move there and we're praying to be led in the right direction!

    Autumn Belle: Thanks for the nice comment. It was a memorable trip!

    Rosie: We're praying for guidance and God's will. I'd post more photos since I have many from Idaho but I chose the best ones.

    Lona: I love pictures of food! Glad you enjoyed the post, thank you!

  8. Hi Priscilla, Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like you had a wonderful time in Idaho. Those two chocolate desserts make my mouth water, they look yummy! I hope you realize your dream and get to move to Idaho soon. We moved to Washington from Massachusetts two years ago, after living in the same home in the Boston area for over 25 years. The right job fell in my husband's lap and off we went. So it happens, just be patient.

  9. Thank you Allison, that's very encouraging. We're planning and waiting!

  10. Such lovely photos of your trip. I hope you are able to start canning soon.

  11. First, thanks for stopping by my own blog and commenting on my garlic chives. I appreciate it!

    Second, i really enjoyed your trip to Idaho. You posted some great photos, although those chocolate dessert pics were mouth watering torture! I confess i don't know much about Idaho, but it looks like a wonderful state. I wish you the best in your endeavors. I look forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you better.

  12. Isn't it nice to spend a trip in a beautiful place with the most special person in your life? You are a perfect couple and just deserve a wonderful trip together.

  13. So happy you were able to visit our beautiful state! I am about 5 or 6 hrs. north of Boise, in North Central Idaho, which....believe it or not... is more beautiful than the part of the state you visited! If you make another trip to Idaho and are in my area, I would love to meet you and give you a tour of my garden. :-)


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