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Monday, October 25, 2010

Festive fall at home

Last week my sweet and thoughtful husband surprised me with this adorable scarecrow mini roses planter, he truly made my day. He said it was a little something to cheer me up but for me it wasn't a small thing since I've been blue. When you're in the mountains for almost a year away from civilization and the weather has been consistently gloomy, it's easy to go stir crazy ... the classic case of cabin fever. It's temporary we live here at the moment because it's not in our budget to be anywhere else, especially expensive Orange County where we grew up. Idyllwild is peaceful indeed but sometimes lonely and everything fun is almost 3 hours away. One day we'll be back in the city near family and friends.        

California doesn't have dramatic changing colors of fall so for me to get into the season, I decorated our home to bring the autumn colors in. The pumpkin spice candle will keep our cabin cozier and the warm scent is very nice.  

Here's fall basket decor I put together recently. Nothing extravagant but just mini pumpkins, Indian corn, and scarecrows. My pumpkin is on the right side and it's big. We're going to carve our Jack o' lanterns tonight, exciting!     

Perhaps the last basket of organic tomatoes from my garden: marvel stripe, green zebra, roma, and cherry tomatoes. I grew them all from seed and I can't wait for spring to plant them again! Marvel stripe is heirloom with yellow-orange in color inside. First time I ever tried this variety, it tasted fruity and pretty sweet.   

Snap peas I sowed from seed on September 6 are beginning to need support. Nothing much is happening in my Fall garden and I've been putting things off such as cleaning and mulching frost tender plants. I'm not fond of this cooler weather :(  

I have several leaf lettuce variety, cabbage, carrots, swiss chard, andsSpinach indoors under the grow light but haven't transplanted them outside yet. I'm quite busy getting our home organized and working on a book. I have a goal to write about simple entertaining with easy recipes. The kitchen is being used for tons of experiment as we taste, measure, and write recipes. I'll keep you posted about my project.         

The shelling peas in the raised bed are getting taller. Honestly, I haven't spent much time outside so I'm surprised the garden is still alive!  

Look what my husband found in my garden, I'm not sure where he came from. Maybe he's eating bad bugs here? I wish we could keep him but hubby said the frog will die if we did. Goodbye froggy.

How's your autumn garden? I'd love to hear about it. Have a great Monday my friends!     


  1. Priscilla,
    This is such a pretty post. I saw it right away on my blogroll. I love the scarecrow and plant your husband bought for you. What a guy! The candle setting looks so festive. We have visited Idyllwild one time for an anniversary. We stayed in a really nice cabin that had a tree growing through it. I can't remember the name right now.

  2. Thank you Carla. I love Fall decorating and I can't wait for Christmas too. Idyllwild is nice and we're surrounded by many trees. Wildlife is right outside. However, you can feel isolated when you don't get off the hill once in awhile, that's why we go on a road trip! I can't wait until we move and be near family.

  3. Hi Priscilla,

    That little frog is cute!
    We kept a frog for two years inside but it was difficult. We finally gave him to someone who really likes to catch spiders and little bugs for it. It was fun to watch it eat.
    What a sweet hubby you have to give you that fall decor!

  4. Wow I didn't realise you live so far away from everything. Your photos are very vibrant, I like you Autumn colour and decor.

  5. Rosey: Yes the frog was cute, I'm sure it's not that easy to keep as a pet! My husband is wonderful and I love surprises.

    Kelli: It's hard living far from everything sometimes. The seclusion is nice and it's quiet but you need to be around people and stay busy or you'll get cabin fever!


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