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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autumn beauty and oh deer go away!

Fall is definitely here and you can see the subtle changing colors. This is the lovely snowball bush in front of our cabin. Winter is near and soon we'll have snow covering everything. My garden however is not looking well and I must admit, it has been neglected.

I still have the blues. Not only does the cooler weather affect my mood, several aggressive deer came by a couple times and jumped over the fence my husband built, my garden was a salad buffet for the first time. We caught them in action and they ran but then kept coming back. We left to visit family in the O.C. area and returned to find ruined fence and veggies all chopped up. Time to start over and rebuild my garden, perhaps it will look better in the Spring.   

My broccoli is gone, it's pathetic.

 The swiss chard with only stems left. 

Strawberries were destroyed. Nothing looks pretty and I'm sad. I have tons of cleaning to do while figuring out ways to protect the garden from pests.  

We love deer around here, we even feed them our leftover meals but I'm so disappointed. I know they're doing what they can to survive but I worked hard to have my little garden.      

On a positive note, lately I'm baking quite a bit and the scent of homemade sweets all over the cabin delight us. Here's my warm apple pie with cinnamon butter glaze, yummy! 

Organic pumpkin maple pie. A great recipe I found online and I added a dash of ground allspice. Hubby dislike pumpkin pie but I converted him with pure Maple syrup! Do you bake and if so what do you make this time of the year? I love the holidays and comfort food! :)            


  1. Before the rabbits ate my garden all summer long . . . so that I had no veggie garden, the deer would come up this time of year after a hard frost and eat as your photos show. They let me have my food all summer otherwise. It is the rabbits that I would like to put a No logo onto as you have in your deer photo. Your pie looks delicious!! ;>)

  2. PS Priscilla, We are kindred in our support for many of the same advocacy groups! Glad to have found your blog here at Blotanical. ;>)

  3. Thank goodness for pie! My veg sympathy goes out to you - my brocolli was all munched by pigeons and caterpillars over the course of one weekend. Its gutting - but theres always next year! Enjoy the yummy pie x

  4. Sorry to hear that the deers have been naughty! Your lovely veggies! Looks like you have to build a higher fence! Your apple pie and pumpkin pie sure looks delicious! Yup, theres's nothing that like the smell of delicious home-made pies to take the blues away!

  5. Maybe you should be making venison pie. Ha.

    Deer are a menace. Some people think they are cute. I do, but only when they are in the forest.

  6. your veg photos are so sad...and the one with the deer is quite funny...although I can see that you are not impressed. I hope you get some good advice!

  7. Shame about the deer, not sure what you could do to keep them away. Your apple pie with cinnamon butter looks really yummy. I'm gonna make a chocolate apple crumble over the weekend. I'll post it on my blog this week. I'm enjoying your blog.

  8. Carol: Thanks for stopping by, we get rabbits around here too but they haven't touched my garden since we have the fence. The deer left my garden alone all Spring and Summer but right now they're forging for food.

    freerangegirl: Thanks for the sympathy. I'm glad others can understand, this is the first time pests messed with my garden since I moved here 9 months ago! I'm truly sorry about your veggies. Pigeons? Yikes!

    Rosey: They're cute and they should stay in the forest, away from my garden! Venison pie sounds interesting, hmmm...

    Stevie: I'm sad about my veggies but I can always start over. Hubby needs to build a taller fence. I don't like to spray my garden with anything!

    Kelli: Thank you for following and enjoying my posts. Our pies were delicious, my husband can't stop going back for more. Chocolate apple crumble sounds yummy and I LOVE chocolate!


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