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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The day after the first snow and my kitty tale

We missed the first snow, this was taken the next day. We visited O.C. and stayed with family for a night. We went to the animal shelter to look for a kitten I could possibly adopt. Out of all the cats, a cute brown Tabby reached out to us. We played with her, she was friendly, and we filled out an application. However, they rejected us because they wanted to give her to a local family and we're almost 3 hours away. The full story behind the adoption will follow, keep reading to find out more. 

Although the forecast said it was going to rain and weather is notoriously unpredictable, we heard from someone it snowed about 2" so we rushed back home. We weren't prepared and my little car might not make it back. We had no idea where the snow chains were that we purchased for my car a couple years ago. For fear of getting stuck on the snow, we tried to head back to the cabin before the weather got worse. Sure enough we got stuck on the icy road and we were only a block away from home! Darn, it got dark and chilly so we ended up walking home with our luggage.    
I didn't have a chance to cover the plants in my garden or bring any containers indoors, I'm still new to all this snow and I'm disappointed with myself for putting off important work in the garden. I'm uncertain what will happen to my herbs and plants that were covered underneath all that fluffy snow. On the bright side, I could start all over in the Spring, something for me to happily and carefully plan. Now for the kitty tale...    

Last week a beautiful Tabby walked over to our property. He had no collar and that's not good especially since we live in the wilderness. I was in the shower and my husband was outside the cabin getting firewood to bring in. I came out to the living room and the hungry kitty walked around our home, we fed him a can of chicken breast since that was all we had. I've been down and low for sometime now, mostly sick with cabin fever. When we discovered how awesome this cat was something in me changed, I felt lighter and happier!    

We temporarily named him Rusty. He was obviously domesticated and very laid back. He enjoyed our kitchen to the fullest, well that's because we fed him. Rusty was affectionate, playful, smart, and easy going. Hubby said he has been around cats and owned cats all his life, this one was different. You can hold him for ten minutes and he was alright with that. He never once scratched while he was in our care and we gave him kisses. 

We contacted our local animal shelter and emailed them a picture, no calls. The following day we posted 'found cat flyers' all over town. I knew the owner must be feeling terrible for losing his pet. In the meantime, we were becoming attached as we waited for calls. I woke up early each morning to feed him, he became my furry friend. We fell in love with Rusty and I didn't prepare for the unexpected.         

We had him for a total of 5 days. While he was here we grew fond of him and we thought that perhaps if no one claimed Rusty, we could adopt him after Thanksgiving, by then it would've been 10 days.

At first, he experienced poopie issues maybe because of the sudden change in diet and new environment. I did some extensive research to take care of the problem and learned more about cats, diet, health, and all since I never owned them. I went to the health store and bought Rusty grain free, natural, and human grade cat food. Also, by keeping him hydrated with water as you can see in the photo above (spoiled, made me babysit while he drank!) Rusty's poopie dilemma improved. Oh and we had litter box and extra litter ready. My mother in-law have a cat and left some cat stuff here for when they visit.          

Feather duster; One of the toys he was crazy about other than a shoelace. He was an incredibly fun cat with a great personality. With all the anticipation of waiting for the owner I felt sad and anxious because any moment, he could be going home. But after 5 days you'd wonder how could someone not call for such a special pet like him? This is a very small town, how could they not make the effort to search? Then one morning, the phone rang and hubby answered. The man described Rusty to a tee, relieved and thankful to find his missing cat. 

I cried and several minutes later the owner who live only across the creek arrived. I wept helplessly looking out behind the screen door. My husband offered to buy Rusty for me but he was priceless. The owner failed to contact the local shelter or posted flyers, he only had Rusty (real name Aspen) for 2 months with no picture. He was in our home for 5 days with 100 photos and a couple of videos. Strange. 

We did the right thing and the owner held him close. But I was in tears all day, that miserable day when my dear friend left me brokenhearted. I thought was mine and he was gone, farewell Rusty. Hubby decided we can rescue a kitten from the shelter, this made me realize we can adopt. We pray that we could find the right companion, a sweet and adorable cat. This is exciting, I'm ready to give lots of love and spoil him or her! We'll be visiting more shelters plus checking locally and we'll update you with that.            
For Thanksgiving we made our own cards and sent them to family and friends. We usually create our own greeting cards with a handmade touch. 

I'd like to share this lovely pastel drawing my husband Bryan did, we made copies for the cards and it came out great. I have so much to be grateful for, I praise God everyday. We're tremendously blessed. Remember all your blessings and have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends! 


  1. Hi Priscilla, The snow looks beautiful and some of your herbs might perk up again in spring. Your Rusty story is really moving, such as sweet looking cat; love the pictures. Cats have a tendancy of wondering and you may see him again some time. Hope you find an adorable, loving cat at the shelter. Animials are wonderful. I have two cats and they are so sweet (although they don't like to be held, stange some cats don't like that. But they follow me around the garden and 'talk' to me with their little meows.). The pastel drawing is lovely, a great thanksgiving card. Happy thanksgiving! all the best, Kelli.

  2. What a sweet sad story for you, but a happy one for the owner of the cat. Cats all have different personalities. We have 4 of them and two like to be held and the other two don't. They are all sweet though.

    What a lovely pastel.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  3. Lori Applegarth11/25/2010

    Love your story, and updates. I have to say though I'm kind of in shock that the shelter didn't let a great couple like yourselves adopt! With all the unwanted cats in shelters I would have thought they would have jumped at you guys..three hours away or not. I pray the perfect cat is out there for you soon Priscilla. I know you will make some one/cat a perfect home. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. So sad to hear that you couldn't keep Rusty! But I guess it is only right that he goes back to his owner. I'm surprised to hear that the shelter refused to allow you to adopt a cat just because you live 3 hours away! I would have thought that the most important thing is to find a good home for them. Not to worry, I'm sure very soon that you will find your new pet. I hope that your plants will make it through the snow. Happy Thanksgiving, Priscilla, to you and your lovely hubby.

  5. Wow, the shelter should have let you adopt. I'm sure you will find a sweet kitten that is perfect for your family. Cats are great companions. My husband didn't like the idea at first, but now he is definitely a cat lover.

  6. Kelli: Thanks for the sweet comment and cat advice. We're looking forward to adopting!

    Flowerlady: I guess cats are all different, some are more affectionate. We hope to find the right one for us. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

    Joyce: Thanks for stopping by and for always leaving an encouraging comment. I sincerely appreciate you!

    Lisa: Thanks for stopping by! There are many shelters in CA and some with their own rules. I think we're going to check out the local one near our home when we get back to Idyllwild. We're with family in the O.C. for Thanksgiving. Perhaps we'll find a kitty to adopt soon.

  7. There are so many cats awaiting adoption! County shelters and no-kill shelters are bursting with cats and kittens. Finding a new cat should be very easy. I volunteer at a no-kill shelter every Sunday (which is why I have fie dogs!) Visit your local shelter. You'll probably leave with a cat and a volunteer application! Good luck! :0)

  8. Thank you TS. We're going to our local shelter tomorrow and we'll be checking other ones to adopt a kitty!

  9. Hi Priscilla,
    I'm new to your blog!
    SO sorry about the cat. Hope you will find a cute cat soon!


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