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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet kitty tale

Meet Lilo, my first kitty. We adopted her 11/27/10 from the shelter and she's 4 months old. She's a Tortoiseshell dilute, a beautiful light gray with some orange. We knew she was the right one after visiting other shelters and playing with all the kittens for a couple hours. Lilo was the most affectionate, playful but mellow, she reached out to us with her cute little paws, and started climbing on my shoulder! It was like she was saying, "Pick me, I'm the sweet one. Please take me with you!" 

Our kitty is now making herself comfortable at home. The first night has been rough since Lilo got spayed that day, she had major diarrhea after surgery according to the vet, ear infection, and traveled in the car with us for an hour. I held the carrier as still as possible and kept her resting quietly when we got home. She was exhausted and had little appetite which I learned to be normal after being spayed. 

We've been observing Lilo and she's eating more each day; Healthy grain free, natural high quality cat food and she's hydrated well with water. Oh and no more poopie problems!    

Kissing my kitty cat. She loves the love and cuddling. Easy going Lilo doesn't mind being held and she purrs loud vibrating on our lap or in our arms as we pet her!   

Her favorite spot is by the fireplace on a chair on top of a soft pink micro fleece throw blanket. Here she's on my hubby's lap, staying warm and resting soundly. 

Checking out daddy while he's working at our office loft upstairs.

She's like a big furball who enjoys getting cozy and will stay while we watch TV. Lilo is adorable when she stretches, reaches out her paws to hug me, and softly bumps her head on my tummy or arms. She sometimes gives us tender love bites!

"I'm never leaving this cabin!" I gave her a magenta scarf and she loves it. Lilo already has Christmas presents from us including my in-laws! Loved + spoiled kitty=happy kitty. 

"Look at me mommy, I'm cute!" Lilo wants tons of attention and she'll meow her way to get it. We're truly blessed to have her.

Most of you know about my post last week; A heartbreaking kitty story that brought out the cat person in me! What a happy ending and we're looking forward to wonderful memories with Lilo for years to come. More photos will be posted when she recovers from surgery. We're letting her take it easy.

Do you have pets? Aren't they great companions? :)     


  1. We have two cats that we dearly love. Lilo is a lucky little cat to be in your care!

  2. Cats are awesome! Thanks Carol. We're blessed to have such an affectionate kitty and we long to spoil her!

  3. Lilo is certainly a happy, cute and adorable kitty! She's one smart cat to sense someone who is caring. Looks like she has found a home where she belongs. Cheers to you and Lilo!

  4. Lilo is a sweetie pie and I'm glad she's found a loving home with you and your DH.

    Enjoy your new family member ~ FlowerLady

  5. Lilo is adorable! I am so glad you found the perfect furry companion. I have a male cat named Walle. He is so much fun! I never thought my husband would be a cat person, but he sure does love Walle.

  6. Sweet cat story, I love her climbing on your husband at the computer, my daughter's cat does that AND lays across the keyboard. Gotta get your attention however it works right ? take care, Gina

  7. What an adorable, sweet, beautiful cat. Congratulations on your new family member. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Kelli

  8. I have a fish named Phish with Ick!

  9. Lilo is beautiful and looks like a cat I had as a kid. I was thinking about you this week and wondering if you'd adopted a cat. :0) Lilo is really lucky to have found you. Now, you just need to get her a friend!!

  10. Joyce: Thank you for the sweet comment. Lilo is making herself at home and we're giving her so much love!

    FlowerLady: She's definitely family. She's the sweetest kitty!

    Lisa: My hubby is more of a dog person but he won't always admit he's a cat person too. He did say Lilo was great and he loves her!

    Kelli: Thanks for the wonderful comment. Lilo will have more photos posted to come. She's so cute!

    Gina: She's definitely a curious kitty, she's exploring our home. She certainly loves attention and she's very vocal about it!

    TS: Thanks for stopping by and for thinking of me, I appreciate it. We might adopt a male Tabby from the shelter we saw last week but right now finances is an issue. We're really thinking about it though, Lilo also needs a companion when we're not here sometimes.

  11. You would not believe how jealous I am. What a tender tale! ( or tail, ha ha)
    I hope you are enjoying your new addition.


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