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Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis the season to be cozy

It has been incredibly busy for me and I apologize for not keeping up with blogging. I miss you all and I need to catch up with reading your posts too. Here, have some hot chocolate with shaved chocolate and nutmeg, perfect for feeling warm and cozy. Our mountain weather is chilly and we're getting tons of rain lately. We're expecting more snow, we haven't built our snowman of the year yet!        

My husband collected plenty of pine cones in the Autumn. We have unlimited pine cones in the woods. Baking them in the oven for crafts however, doesn't have a pleasant fragrance. Tar is also messy but baking kills the nasty bugs and makes the pine cones glossy.     

This is one of Bryan's creative projects I'm proud of. He turned the pine cone into a festive Christmas cone, it's now our lovely dining table centerpiece.

In the living room we have my Christmas village display. Our new kitty already knocked them down a couple times but nothing broke so far, for now. Lilo is simply being a kitten with her hyper and manic moments. 

She can be naughty sometimes but her sweetness and charm surely makes up for her unpredictable attitude (people call it 'Tortitude' derived from the Tortoiseshell color of the cat). She's determined, spoiled, and very vocal. Lilo follows us around like a shadow which I find adorable and she'll meow until she gets attention. She's constantly on our lap and likes chin or neck rubs.   

She sits with my husband and I while watching movies and sometimes fall asleep. We're glad she's doing better because she has been sick and we took her to the vet twice because of tummy troubles. Seeing her ill in the last two weeks was heartbreaking but she's recovering, praise God. 

Playing with the pink scarf I gave her. "Hi mommy look at me!"

The new cat tree condo I got her, she's crazy about the hanging toy mouse it came with. Look at that tongue, silly kitty cat! Little does she know how much presents she'll be getting for Christmas. She plays with all her toys and happily jumps inside the toy box once in awhile.

I took this photo while my hubby was asleep. Lilo is very affectionate and knows how to mellow out. She sleeps in between us every night and loves to cuddle, she would hide under the covers to stay warm. Our kitty gives us kisses and likes to lick, she's too cute. We love her so much, she's certainly one of a kind. I'm grateful and happy she picked us at the shelter, we're blessed to have her in our home.

"Merry Kitty Christmas, sweet cozy hugs."

Note to my friends:

Thank you for keeping up with my posts. I met many kind and thoughtful friends here, I appreciate you all. It will be busier for me these days. I'll do my best to be here since I enjoy writing and visiting everyone's blog. I recently got a part time job at our local newspaper and advertising office. I start in a week, it's exciting! I'm looking forward to learning something new.  

Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with love and blessings. Have a wonderful and joyful New Year!   


  1. Hi Priscilla. How did you keep that hat on Kitty for the picture.LOL! So cute. I love your Christmas village. The pinecones are so pretty. He has so much patience to work with miniatures.
    You and your DH have a Wonderful Christmas!

  2. Hi Lona. About the hat, it takes patience. Unfortunately she was in hyper mode when we took the picture. We got the hat on when she got tired. Thanks for the nice comments. You have a great Christmas with family!

  3. Your new cat is so lovely. Love the last pic with christmas hat (should be on a calendar!). Hot chocolate and your christmas village all look lovely. Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Hi Priscilla, Here's wishing you, hubby and adorable Lilo a Merry Christmas and A Blessed Happy New Year! Have fun and enjoy your holiday!

  5. Good ideas on the Christmas decorations, especially the pine cone. Wisihng you, hubby and Lilo a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!

  6. You and Lilo both look really happy! What a lucky cat! Good luck at your new job! :o) Happy New Year!

  7. Me encantó tu blog,una maravilla,que tierno el gato ,me encantan yo tengo una gata se llama Carlota y tiene 16 años y la cuido como una princesa,me quedo en tu blog para ver más de tí,cariños y bendiciones para eñ año 2011,abrazos.


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