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Friday, February 25, 2011

Gardening dreams in the snow

I'm going through the winter blues, call it cabin fever. What a dreary weather it has been, how long will the chilly season last? It's snowing again. By this weekend we'll have over 15 inches. I created a slide show of our recent Idyllwild snow to share with you. The shimmering and fluffy snow is stunning indeed but my hands want to dig in the dirt and rebuild the garden. I'm so ready that I purchased more seeds than I can plant. It's funny how thrilled I get over seeds. Something about gardening and the whole planning process causes euphoria. I dream about fragrant flower blooms, bountiful veggie harvest, sunshine and wild birds singing as they find their way to the feeders. If you love gardening, you can relate.

Packets of organic seeds from last spring. I recently purchased more from the garden center and waiting for more in the mail. Perhaps, I lost my mind and I'm getting impatient with winter! We're going to need more space in my garden. Hubby and I will build the garden bigger this year with taller deer fence.  

Most of you know we have a new cat. Lilo is 7 months old and she has been with us for three months. We love her dearly. I thought I'd post some photos of our sweet and extremely spoiled kitty!
 "Hi sailor!"

   "Look, I floss!"

One of her nicknames is Plopper. She decided to plop on daddy while he was napping on the chair.

"Hi, I'm over here!"

"I'm plopping now, have a nice day!"


  1. Always, gardening starts with a dream, how it should look and how it should end... Cheers, hope the weather gets warmer soon!

  2. Sorry it is so cold and dreary, getting hot here on this side of the US. Spring is showing up in small ways already. sweet spoiled kitty.

  3. Hi Priscilla, I like your snow slide show; cute snowman, and alota snow. Suppose embrace it as you've maybe a longer winter than most? Snow is beautiful but not so practial at times. I can relate to all those seed packs; I've probably as many as you. Love the top two and last photo of your kitty - what a calendar cat!

  4. I was thinking about you when the snow storm was hitting. About the only thing you can do is look at seeds packages, right? Even I have been doing this and we have sunny weather now. I did plant a lot of pots with seeds and have them in the laundry room. We have a skylight in there so they will get lots of light. Have you started any yet? I think you should, spring will be there soon! Hope today is bringing you some sunshine!

  5. Oh, and I love the kitties! We have two, but yours are so ready to pose for pics. Mine usually run when they see the camera.

  6. Beautiful snow photos! Enjoyed all your videos! I can understand how much you are waiting to dirty your hands with soil! It is much more than dirt! I have lots of seeds right now, the frustrating thing is I have limited space to plant everything! Hope that you will be able to start gardening soon, love to see your wonderful harvest! Have a lovely day!

  7. I've awarded you the stylish blogger award! Visit my blog for more details :)


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