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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Early spring organic seeds giveaway {closed}

Let the gardening season begin. Last Saturday and Sunday, I finally sowed the tiny seeds of veggies and flowers in containers and two tables in the guest room (we call it the green room now) are getting crowded under the grow light. The setup used to be upstairs in the loft, but with our new mischievous cat in the cabin, I don't want her knocking my seedlings. I needed a place where I can close the door; Lilo, our silly kitten is constantly waiting for an opportunity to sneak in.

Some of the tomatoes and lettuce already germinated, that makes me smile. 

It took a few hours each day to plant the seeds and I'm not done, 
yes the joy of gardening – you know you love it when time quickly passes by and your hands are full of dirt.

The mountain weather is still chilly but snow is starting to melt on the ground. We might have more snow or rain in the forecast. May is the month where the weather is consistently warm, I'm counting the days until then! The other day, I saw a chickadee on our bird feeder and our Lilo went nuts when she saw a quail, her cat condo is against the window for entertainment purposes. Knowing birds are finding their way here is a sign of spring and I'm eager to garden. I'm looking forward to sunny days when I can play outside and rebuild the garden. To share my enthusiasm, I'm giving away certified organic vegetable seeds: Peaceful Valley Danvers carrots and sugar snap pea. A packet of early blooming flowers non-climbing Sweet Peas from Renee's Garden is included.

To enter the contest, you must be a member of my blog and answer the following questions: What or who inspires you to garden? What are you planting this year? Simply leave a comment with information on how I can reach you.
You can also blog about the giveaway or announce it on Facebook telling me that you did. I will e-mail you when you've been selected as the winner. Contest ends on Tuesday, March 15 PST. One winner will be announced on my next post. Good luck! Stay tuned. Have a fantastic week fellow gardeners.       


  1. Hi Priscilla. Glad to hear your snow is melting now.It does feel so good to be planting some seeds. Any kind of gardening and getting those hands dirty is a bright spot of the day. Spring can not come any too soon for my liking. I have one of those nosy little kittens that likes to pop in as soon as I open the door. She is always just lurking there waiting. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thanks for leaving a message on my FB page about your contest, Priscilla. I am giving away seeds on my blog, as well!! I would love you to join in the Gardeners' Sustainable Living project;-) No need to enter me in your contest, though...I think I have more than enough seeds for now;-) Have a great week!

  3. hi priscilla! I am inspired by you and your blog to learn more about gardening and cooking. I am still contemplating on what to plant this season, possibly herbs, veggies, and or even flowers. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Priscilla,
    You really missed gardening, don't you? I can understand that! Sorry for not visiting earlier!
    Yes, I would really like to enter the free seeds giveaway contest, really love the seeds you are giving away!
    My beloved late mom was the inspiration. She loved to garden, when I was younger, and we were staying in the village, she would plant fruits and flowers. Used to help her at night, usually after a rain, to 'catch' the snails, armed with a torchlight and a jar of salt! My mom used to get mad at the snails for munching her precious plants.
    As for this year, I am planting more veggies and am in the midst of organizing my potted flowers, some will have to go, since space is my constraint. Urgh... no choice! My cherry tomatoes are already flowering! My salad leaves, broccolli and celery have already germinated. Hope they grow well and healthy!
    Thank you for organizing this giveaway, Priscilla! Hope your garden flourish with lots and lots of good harvest! Have a lovely day!

  5. Priscilla, this is my first visit to your blog and I've spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I really enjoyed my visit and love what you are doing here. I'll definitely be back. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Huh, who inspires me to garden is a tough one. I suppose it must be Kakdah by allowing herself an hour a day to put hat on and garden. When she cooks, her exquisite menu raises up the unhappiness of a poor harvest. aha!

    What are you planting this year?... standard green veggies, a first timer with mini cucumber (known as timun tikus here) and an attempt with Kiwi, which is germinating already.

    ~cheers, bangchik.

  7. I think my grandmothers inspired me to start gardening, They both have amazing gardens with delicious vegetables and many flowers. I have started a spring vegetable gerden with sugar snap peas, beets, and carrots. Yummy!

  8. Hello Priscilla, it sounds as though we have similar situations: my studio has seedlings everywhere (kale, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, basil, cilantro... ), and what I can move to the hoop house, I do. Who knows what the neighbors are thinking when they see a glow in our windows. ;) Spring is here and we have an excess of rain... would like just a bit more sunshine to warm the days. Happy gardening!

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