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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More snow and houseplants

One of the bird feeders with snow.

It's snowing again. I woke up this morning and everything outside was covered with snow. Truthfully, the dreary weather is bringing me down.

Winter seems to linger on and I'm over it. I'm looking out the window wondering where is the sun? I long to be optimistic but I'm tired of cabin fever. I'm ready for the arrival of spring. 


My houseplants are doing fine. Indoor gardening helps to lift me up on a day like this. I love tropical plants but they're not suitable for our climate. However, I got a moth orchid for 50 percent off the clearance rack at the nursery last weekend. I went in for soil but I brought home some plants too – they were on sale! I've failed to grow orchids indoor in the past but I'm trying again. I was uncertain about keeping African violets because of my experience losing them, but to my surprise, my plant is still alive and it has been a year.

My potted zebra plant is growing well by the kitchen sink. I have no other place for plants due to our naughty cat wanting a taste and knocking things over.

The spider plant needs a new home with more room to grow. I had all of my houseplants for a little over a year, it's time to transplant into new containers and renew the soil. 

This book arrived in the mail today. I ordered it from Amazon for my library of gardening references. It's an excellent book filled with stunning photography by Better Homes and Gardens and I highly recommend it. I like the fruit, vegetable and herb encyclopedia in the book. I'm always searching for inspiration while learning more about gardening. Do you have any favorite gardening books? I hope your weather is better than mine and you're having fun in your garden!    



  1. Priscilla I know exactly how you feel - the weather is getting me down too. We seem to be done with the snow but never the rain. There have been a few nice days but it's sooooo soggy out I don't really want to go swim around the yard with water laying everywhere. O'well it's spring now so that means it just has to improve from here on. Hang in there.

  2. Hi, I've enjoyed reading about your mountain life. While you have issues with snow, I have issues with heavy rain. It's been raining so frequently that weeds have been growing so quickly in my backyard. This is annoying me to the max as it makes my backyard terribly messy!!

  3. So sorry to hear you're still having snow! It's in the 80's here - but very very dry. I'm afraid we've skipped spring and are now in summer! Isn't it funny how the weather can be so different all over the country?

  4. Hi Priscilla! Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment! Well, we don't have the snow where I live in California, but we sure have been rained on. Gardening is taking a slow go this year. Just have to be patient.

    :) Becky

  5. aloha priscilla,

    thanks for visiting my site, california winters are still a little dreary, well its just around the corning and the sun will come out soon im sure....its always to find some indoor blogging time anyways :)

  6. Hi Priscilla, I sure am hoping that Spring will pop out soon! You must be feeling impatient to start with your garden, I would too! Your indoor plants are looking great. And I never had luck with orchids. Either they died on me or they refuse to bloom for me! Your new gardening book looks really interesting. I do not have a good book on gardening. Will have to take a look at this from the bookstore. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Priscilla, crazy weather in CA! We have had a lot of rain and it is raining again today. I love your photos of the snow, beauty in the eye of the beholder! Hopefully the sun will come out soon and warm us all up. I know you must be ready for that. Have a beautiful day.

  8. I love your orchid. I just just mine to blossom too and I feel like a champion! Hang in there - spring is surely nearly here...


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