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Friday, March 18, 2011

The sweet thrill of seeds

Pink Jasmine waiting to be transplanted in the garden.

Gardening is like a retreat, a time to connect with nature and admire the wonders that surrounds us everyday. I find myself in the garden, a sweet place of solitude where I can pray and begin praising God. I listen to wild birds make melody and watch butterflies and bees – and even with the little things, I'm reminded of the many blessings in my life. Take the time today to ponder and give thanks.      

The soft dirt is like fine chocolate powder on my hands. You must know, I'm crazy about chocolate (my weakness!) so I use that description. Sowing seeds is a mystery and gardening teaches you to wait. Once the tiny seedlings appear, it's a miracle to watch them grow. Then I anticipate the stunning colors of spring and bountiful vegetable to harvest. I love thinking about my garden, all the beautiful things and surprises that make it special. How do you describe your garden?   

  My tomatoes germinated.

First time I'm trying to grow okra.

I can't wait for the lettuce, someday you'll be salad.

The grow lights set-up in our guest room (aka the green room).

The other table of seedlings. My husband attached the fluorescent plant light fixture on a hook to the ceiling. A clamp holds a rope attached to the fixture that I can adjust as the seedlings grow. 

I'm looking forward to warm weather. It's spring cleaning time but it looks like rain and snow is predicted for the forecast this weekend. My husband tore the deer fence apart and he's going to rebuild a taller fence. Last year, my garden was a salad buffet for the deer. The garden doesn't look pretty now but hopefully it will once I'm done organizing.  

I planned on making my garden bigger but not anymore. Hubby and I carefully thought about relocating to another state, we decided that we're going to move – we're taking that leap of faith. We're building a temporary garden for the veggies and annual flowers this spring. I'll be pulling out the perennials to take with me when we leave, tentatively this late summer. 

Boise River, Idaho

If you have read my previous posts, I wrote about moving to Idaho. We like the community, picturesque places and the friendly people. We have family in Eagle, near Boise that we visited last year. The homes are way more affordable in Idaho than California. Perhaps my garden will be more spacious too, we'll see! This is a fresh start for us and Idaho is our choice to raise a family someday. I'll keep you updated about our move.  

Finally, the winner for the certified organic veggie seeds and Renee's Garden Sweet Peas giveaway is Joyce from Malaysia. Congrats! I sent your package yesterday so wait for it in the mail. Her writing inspired me and I received a heartfelt thank-you e-mail. Joyce enjoys gardening and she's a great cook. Visit her blog http://mypottedgarden.blogspot.com  

Have a sweet time with your garden and a fabulous weekend! :)  


  1. Your seedlings look happy and healthy, good job. A move to Idaho sounds attractive - almost anything will be cheaper than California (sigh). I hope you will have a bigger garden, although it will probably look very different.

  2. SMOOTCH & Kisses!!!

  3. So you will be moving from your hideaway? I kind of like this place. :) I am sure you'll be able to make your next home beautiful too.

    Happy to hear that Joyce has won the seeds from you.

  4. Masha: Thanks for stopping by here. Idaho is beautiful and houses are incredibly affordable, the brand-new homes cost so much less than California. Less taxes, scenic and agricultural state, great community, less traffic and smog and the list goes on! I'd love a bigger garden.

    One: I'll still make my Garden in Idaho a hideaway, I already have plans of what I want to do to have my garden oasis!

  5. Hi Priscilla,
    Thank you so much! I'm waiting patiently (ahem...eagerly!) for the seeds to arrive. Will let you know when I receive them.
    I'm sure that you will make a beautiful garden in your new home. Even though I do really like your present garden and will definitely missed it, yes, I will, I'm looking forward to see your new home and garden in Idaho. Meanwhile, hope your next harvest from your hideaway here will yield lots of beautiful ones for you!

  6. Your gardening plans sound great, good luck with your move to Idaho:)

  7. Thanks for coming by my blog. I am now a follower. I am looking forward to reading about your relocation and starting a new garden. The Boise River looks so peaceful. I hope you acquire a beautiful place with fertile soil.

  8. thank you for your visit...You have an adorable blog, I look forward to following you and your new move...oh how I wish I was there to putter in all your garden containers and space.

  9. Hi, glad to meet you here. Your move to Idaho will give you many things to post about, and what fun to start a brand new garden there.

  10. Soon many baby seedling will be in your garden!
    Okra is among my favorite vegetables!


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