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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving my garden to Idaho

Our new charming home in a cul-de-sac 
in a great neighborhood.

Dear friends, I appreciate your visit here and thank you for all the lovely comments. I apologize not being able to respond or visit your blog. There are many things going on. I'm taking a blogging break because we're moving out of state in a couple of weeks. Since we're moving sooner than planned, I'll be pretty busy packing. 
Most of you know from previous posts, my husband and I have been wanting to relocate. We found a 2-bedroom house in Garden City for rent in Boise, Idaho with a large backyard and a shed. It's a wonderful starter home for us newlyweds. The price was right and cost as much as an apartment. You can't find a house this nice and affordable in California, especially in Orange County.

Perhaps, I can create a shade garden in the side yard. I'm dreaming … the garden will take time, of course.
 The kitchen with the window has built-in shelves for growing culinary herbs.

 Wood floors throughout the cute house. I love it.

I didn't have my new camera at the moment therefore I'm not fond of the quality of this photo. Just to show you, I'm trying to acclimate the seedlings outside so they'll be ready when we move.

We must take all of my vegetable seedlings … yup, everything, including the raised beds and all perennials in the front yard. My tomatoes of 14 varieties are already 5 inches tall and my seven varieties of lettuce are growing fast along with cabbage, okra, peppers and eggplant. They're almost ready to be planted in their permanent place after I harden them off for a week or so. 

Peas, carrots, Swiss chard and spinach are germinating in containers outside. Four days ago, I sowed seeds of summer squash, cucumber and beans for an early start. Moving is going to be hectic but we're excited to leave.

Goodbye California, we're on our way to Idaho! I'll keep you updated as I write about our new home and garden soon.


  1. marcel_antonio@yahoo.com4/26/2011

    The house looks promising, the garden will yield a lot of happy memories. Home is where the computer is. :D

  2. Congratulations on your move! Sounds like life will be a bit crazy for a while, but it will be for the best. Hope all your seedlings survive their stressful move. That looks like a charming little house with a great yard.

  3. Good luck with the move! A fun new adventure. Very exciting.

  4. I wish you much happiness and joy in your new home and garden in Idaho!

  5. Hi Priscilla, I like your new home. It is really very charming! Wish you and your hubby, happiness, laughter, joy and contentment in your new home! Looking forward to the transformation of your new garden! Congratulations on your move!

  6. Cousin Marcel: Thanks! We look forward to many great memories.

    Alison: I certainly hope my seedlings make it! I'm trying to strengthen them with organic liquid seaweed fertilizer/spray to keep them from being stressed.

    HolleyGarden: Thank you. It'll be a new experience living in another state, definitely an adventure!

    Rosey: Thank you! We're excited to make a sweet new home (hopefully clutter-free!) and I'm dreaming about designing a cottage garden.

    Kitchen flavours (Joyce): I appreciate your wonderful comment. You always encourage me whenever you visit! I'm thrilled with our new home and my plans for the garden. I can't do too much with the yard since we're only renting but I will plant mostly in pots and raised beds. It'll be easier when we decide to buy a house to move the garden. We're planning to buy our home someday!

  7. Priscilla,
    Hope you both enjoy your new home. Looking forward to following you in your new garden.
    Best of luck to you,


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