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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My birthday and my garden

Columbine, a new addition waiting to be transplanted to another container. The work in the garden is endless yet enjoyable, spring season is indeed the busiest for gardeners! Before I share with you about my exciting birthday celebration, I will update you about the status of my organic garden edibles.
Various tomatoes I sowed from seeds in early March are thriving indoor, under the grow lights. I transplanted them into larger containers to allow more room for growth. Our mountain weather is beginning to warm up, at last. I need to wait a couple more weeks before it's safe to move tomatoes outside into the raised beds. My eggplant, okra, peppers and flowers seedlings are looking good too. 
Beautiful lettuce are almost ready to consume. I planted 7 varieties from seed, salad will never be boring!
Cabbage, a cool-season crop, is growing slowly but surely. Better results this time compared to last year when I started them late and they failed to grow.

My 31st birthday was April 7 and the celebration lasted for three days! It's a 2-1/2-hour drive from where we live to see family. I had a blast hanging out with my sisters I haven't seen in a while, they took me out to a yummy Mongolian grill dinner near Downtown Disney.
GardenWalk mall elevator with my sisters taking tons of silly pictures. From the left; Cecilia, center; Olivia, and me. 

The following day was a scrumptious Italian dinner in San Juan Capistrano with my husband's family, then we did presents and cake at home. I received everything from my birthday wish list – they were all gifts for the garden and I'm a happy girl! :)

Hubby and I went on a nice date the next day. We began with breakfast and headed to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point and Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Small water fountain I wanted for my little garden, dear hubby gave me with a Starbucks Coffee gift card for my birthday. I recently planted Japanese sweet flag grass and Fabiola water lily. According to the package, the flower is suitable for our climate zone. I have no idea if water lily will be successful here but I'm being spontaneous – you never know!

The garden utility bin my parent-in-laws gave me. Fabulous for keeping all the small garden tools organized with room for pots and soil. I love it!

I received nitrile gloves, it's strong but not bulky like ordinary garden gloves. My new trowel is well-designed, comfortable grip and the serrated edges is a plus. The soil scoop is very handy, I no longer have to use a plastic cup to scoop soil.  

Another great present, a table-top portable potting tray for indoor or outdoor use. No more messy newspapers on our dining table when I'm transplanting inside the cabin.

Books I requested from my wish list: 'From Seed to Skillet' by Jimmy Williams received excellent reviews. I'm currently reading this book and it's truly inspirational. I long to learn more about roses. 'Rose Gardening' by BHG is a wonderful reference. In addition to all my presents, I got a $100-gift card for Gardeners Supply and a $25-gift card to Lowe's. Yay!   

It's me transplanting pink jasmine to another container. I'm wearing the cute garden apron and hat I also received. The apron has plenty of pockets and perfect for carrying some tools. I'm thankful for all the generosity. This was the best birthday ever! 

Here's a short slideshow. I'm incredibly blessed with amazing family and my birthday was fantastic! 


  1. Happy Birthday! Garden presents! How wonderful! Wahoo!

  2. Big happy b-day and that columbine color is phenomenal! Hope your weather warms up soon so you can get those edibles outside.

  3. Happy Birthday, Priscilla! You have a lovely family, and a beautiful day of celebrating your special day! Your plants are doing great, love your lettuce! And your presents, oh my! I love all your presents! The portable potting tray is incredible! I just sowed the carrot seeds you sent, a couple of days ago, I'm waiting very "patiently" for them to germinate! Happy Birthday, and Happy Gardening with all your new presents!

  4. Hello Priscilla,
    Happy belated Birthday and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love your blog and your pics are beautiful. Your Birthday gifts are fabulous. I will stop by here more often. Happy gardening...Heidi

  5. HolleyGarden: Thanks! I'm grateful for presents!

    ONG: Thank you for the birthday wish. I'm thrilled for our weather to warm up!

    Joyce: Thank you for the sweet comment. My carrots are taking a long time too. They are slow to germinate!

    Heidi: I'm glad you stopped by, thanks for the birthday wish. Happy gardening too!

  6. Happy Birthday.You are very bless having a wonderful family. I like your columbine colour. We only had red and yellow from seedlings we bought from the nursery last year. So glad to see that the seeds we save have just show itself.

  7. What a wonderful birthday and really fab gifts. Your plants look great. This is such a perfect time of year for gardeners! Looking forward to seeing your plants progress.

  8. Happy Birthday to you! That's fabolous prizes! Great to hear that you have celebrated your birthday in wonderful way!
    Happy gardening!

  9. Happy belated birthday and best wishes always! It's wonderful to receive simple gifts that warm our hearts. Happy gardening!

  10. Hi Priscilla, I am passing the Earth Day Reading Project meme to you. Check out my latest post for details. Hope you are well!

  11. What great presents. I'm impressed by all your veggies and what a selection of lettuce -yummy! Happy birthday - you look beautiful and more importantly, happy in your photos. I'm glad you had such a great day.


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