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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bugs, slugs and my new garden update

It has been never ending with unpacking since we moved here a month ago. I'm glad to be back to blogging again! :) However, there are still boxes everywhere in the house… at least the kitchen is organized. It's hectic but I'm taking a break to update you about my garden. I changed my blog title to 'Blossom Cottage' – my dream is to design a cottage garden. I'm gardening mostly in containers for now because we're renting this house. It will be easier to transport plants in pots rather than pulling them out of the ground when we move someday.
The rose bush came with the property, lucky me. The huge yard is a plus. It was raining pretty much the whole month of May and the first two weeks of June. I've been told that wasn't typical for Idaho weather. The roses began to bloom at the beginning of June. It's getting sunnier but the weather is manic and changes every 5 minutes.    

Beautiful yellow rose with a touch of pink. I wish there were more fragrant roses all over the yard. 

There's a brook on the other side of our fence across our neighbor's property. Ducks constantly visit and we're going to buy bread to feed them. My husband is planning to knock out a part of the fence to build a door so we can have a better view.  

I thought my violas died in California. They reseeded and are now in my new backyard. All my plants, herbs and vegetable seedlings traveled 900 miles by car for three days. Surprisingly, the organic veggies grown from seed are alive and they've been through stress. I lost a few but we expected it with moving. I transplanted the veggies late in raised beds due to cold and rainy weather. I'm hoping for a decent harvest this year… I'm not familiar with Idaho's climate so we'll see.   
I transplanted my herbs in this box. Something ate the parsley but it's growing back a little. I'm not sure if the squirrel I always see on our fence is the culprit. There are many holes on the leaves of my plants too. We have insect issues but I don't know what they are. I made insecticide with natural soap, cayenne pepper powder and raw garlic to spray on my vegetables.

Flame leaf lettuce growing back.

I was disappointed one morning when all the lettuces I planted from seed were destroyed, something ate them down to the stem! I never had this problem when we were living in Idyllwild, California. My peppers and red cabbage were gone too. I replaced the peppers and bought seedlings from the nursery since they take forever to germinate. I saw slugs in containers where my lettuces used to be. I wonder if they're ruining my entire garden. The lettuces are growing back slowly but I sowed more seeds for the summer. I noticed holes on the leaves of my tomato plants, there could be aphids lurking around. I planted marigolds near the tomatoes, perhaps that would help.

I have this new garden sign that's adorable. It's true that we plant the seeds, God makes them grow. The garden is indeed a miracle and full of beautiful surprises – sometimes they're not happy surprises. But in God's garden, life is full of new beginnings.  


  1. Glad the move is going well. It takes courage to move somewhere new, but I think you'll really love it. The roses there look very nice. I can't believe they look so good with all the rain there! I started following you right before you moved, so I look forward to you blogging again. The ducks sound like a fun addition!

  2. Hi Priscilla! So good to hear from you. I bet you are having fun planning your new garden in your knew "digs". When I am pulling up tomatoes you will be harvesting! I know the growing season is shorter in your area but I think you get to grow everything at once which is nice but a lot more work! Are you planning on canning or freezing this year?

  3. I love your new roses1 I have several but yours sure look healthy. Your raised beds look great too. I wonder if maybe you will need to put a small fence around them to keep out the wildlife. We have a squirrel and a rabbit in our area and I finally had to put a short fence around the raised beds to keep them out. That was all it took to keep them out. Of couse the squirrel can climb but so far it has not got in and dug so maybe he gave up.

    Happy harvesting. Keep me posted!

  4. Sounds like the slugs are your main culprits but birds can be pretty destructive too. Good luck with your move. It is an exciting time but a tough time too so be kind to yourself.

  5. It's so lovely to see your new garden in your new home taking shape. It's exciting thinking what you can do with that ample garden space. The roses are GORGEOUS. I love roses!! Have fun and hope you'll build a lovely cottage garden one day.

  6. Oooh. That yellow rose is so pretty! It's amazing that these flowers continue to grow in spite of the stress. Your garden is simply beautiful, Priscilla. You're truly blessed with a green thumb. Oh, and by the way, that garden sign is so cute! :)

  7. nice bom cmbination of flowers..
    keep it u


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