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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Latest blooms


The new addition to my garden. I got her from our local organic nursery, she's indeed a beauty.

I love the pretty shades of purple in these violas.

Morning glory I grew from seeds are beginning to flower.

I haven't had time to transplant my flowers in raised beds or larger containers. I've been sick with a flu the last few days.  I'm barely getting better…

Furthermore, I'm frustrated from lack of energy, I get fatigued easily with daily tasks. I have headaches almost everyday and perhaps a pinched nerve in the back of my scalp, a prickling pain on one side of the head that makes me cry. It hurts when I move my head a certain way or sneeze. My appointment with a new doctor is coming up to manage my high blood pressure and all the other issues.

I'm glad that when you're not feeling well, gardening is such amazing therapy and a blessing. 

Different variety of organic potatoes I began in a planter bag in California. They were only 4" tall when we moved here in May. The potatoes are twice the size now and are doing fantastic… well, we are in Idaho! :) 

Everything in my vegetable garden are growing slowly but I appreciate the smallest harvest, like this fresh salad with herbs. The leaf lettuce, spinach and scallions were grown from seeds. Dealing with pests, seedlings under stress from our move, wet weather and late start, affected the growth of the garden. I'm waiting for surprises my garden will bring. How's your garden today?    


  1. Pretty flowers! I like the Viola flowers so much!
    Hope your new gardne will grow well soon!

  2. I hope your feeling better soon! I one worked a job where I was so unhappy I came home at night and dug holes in my yard. I ended up turning them into a garden by filling them with compost. Gardening is truly theraputic. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. :o)

  3. Priscilla..... Obserwuję Twojego Bloga ,czytam ,że chorujesz .Lecz się dziewczyno ,nie lekceważ zdrowia.Pokazujesz ziemniaki....u nas w Polsce sadzimy je przemysłowo ,można z nich robić różne dania i to bardzo smaczne .Tak jak piszą poprzedniczki ,ogrodnictwo i grzebanie w ziemi ,to dobra terapia .Życzę dużo zdrowia i pozdrawiam Bogusia

  4. Oh what pretty petunias and violas. I love all blue flowers.LOL! The viola is marked so pretty. Hate to hear you have been ill. You may just have a pinched nerve so it is good you got a doctors appointment. Take care and get well soon.

  5. Hi Priscilla,
    Sorry to hear that you are not well. Hope you get much better soon.
    And it is nice to see that your new garden is doing OK. The flowers are beautiful and I'm looking forward to see your harvest of your Idaho potatoes soon! Take care!

  6. nice ..
    good collction..............
    keep it up.


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