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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My August garden

 Zinnia grown from seed recently bloomed.

I'm back! There are tons of photos to finally share. Crazy busy here since we moved to Idaho with unpacking, organizing, cooking, other housework, errands, etc. you get it … truthfully, my garden has been neglected since I'm more focused in working inside our home. I'm wondering how the garden is surviving. Praise God it is. 

All I do is water every other day to keep everything alive. I have no time to prune or clean. Our backyard and grass is a huge mess with weeds growing a foot tall. Maintaining grass when you have a big yard is excessive work and expensive with water. We're not grass people so when we buy our first house someday, we'll make sure there's more concrete and less grass.
My vegetable harvest. All organic squash and lettuce are grown from seed. The lettuce were yummy but are currently bolting, I have to pull those out eventually.

I wanted to try something different, I planted heirloom squash called cocozelle. The stripes are quite interesting. Taste is similar to zucchini, very flavorful and tender. My cocozelle seems to be more productive than all the other squash.  

They get enormous when you don't harvest for awhile. Squash taste better when picked young. We love them grilled with olive oil and herbs.
Eggplant in container. Grilled eggplant is great but my husband can't stand it. 

Delicious Swiss chard, perfect when sautéed. Next season I'll sow a lot more seeds for better harvest.

First time I planted strawberries in container from seed. A couple months ago, the plants were tiny and I didn't think they'd be successful. But now they're bearing fruit. 

Rainy weather in May and June caused the cantaloupes grown from seeds to rot in the raised bed. I immediately decided to purchase 4" transplants from the local organic nursery (photo above) in replacement. Cantaloupes don't do well when transplanted according to gardening books. Surprisingly, they're doing fine and a few cantaloupes just popped up. My plants are beginning to sprawl from the raised bed to the ground, I'm curious to see how much they'll grow! I'm excited to try homegrown cantaloupes.

Other than waiting for beans, cucumber and potatoes, I'm waiting for juicy tomatoes to ripen. They seem to take forever but soon they'll be savory salsa and pasta sauce. Oh but tomatoes started from seeds are worth the wait.  
Daylily (Hemerocallis) bloomed again. It's always delightful.

What flowers or veggies are blooming in your garden today? 

Have a beautiful week my friends! (:      


  1. It always takes a long time to get settled into a new place. Your vegetables are looking wonderful Priscilla. Love strawberries, yum. I am surprised they bore fruit the first year.I may have to try that. LOL! Your lily is a beauty. Mine are all done with blooming which is sad. Yuck I hate mowing grass too. I tell my son the more beds and flowers I plant the less there is to mow. LOL!
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.

    Kitchen Garden

  3. Cantaloupes is a comin' Mmmmm Yummy!!

  4. Hi Priscilla, Your plants are doing great! And it is wonderful to see your strawberries, they are so lovely! I like your squash and cantaloupes.
    On my garden front, I have not been successful with the seeds you gave me! The carrots seeds sprouted but the seedlings died, the same with the peas. I was so disappointed! There are some seeds left and will be trying again this week. The weather has been extremely hot the last couple of months, but now it is raining every other day or so, hopefully I will fare better this time round!
    Happy Gardening!

  5. Your garden is looking so amazing! It's great to have some pretty flowers in with the edibles - love that lilac daylily.

  6. I just stumbled on your blog when trying to find out how some of the gardners here in the Boise area were doing with the heat this summer. You've got some beautiful vegtables coming in!

  7. It really is nice to see people just like you growing their own food on their backyard. It gives me pleasure seeing beautiful gardens that produces food for the table. I myself is trying to have one. Hopefully I will have some produce next month.

  8. Your garden is really awesome! Congrats on the harvest...I can;t wait for my tomatoes to ripe... now they;re all yellowish and started to become more reddish...

  9. Your plants are doing great! What a productive garden!

  10. realy awesome gardeng..good
    Keep it up...........


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