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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Veggie harvest and my winning heirloom squash

Here is the harvest from my garden recently. In the basket we have: zucchini, crookneck yellow squash, cocozelle (taste like zucchini but sweeter), eggplant, beans, various lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. I planted everything from seeds except peppers and one of the eggplant. However, I grew this round eggplant (photo in upper right) called 'Little Prince' from seed and they're so cute. My jalapeƱo and serrano were severely attacked by pests in late spring that I replaced them with nursery transplants. Peppers take long to germinate, they're a challenge.

Our harvest this time is not as great as last year. I recall making tons of salsa and pasta sauce last summer. Most of my tomatoes are not ripen yet and I'm waiting for other veggies like okra, potatoes, corn, cucumber and cantaloupe. The end of the growing season is near and our weather is getting a little cooler. The very wet spring we had and the late start, certainly affected the growth of my edibles. I also didn't pay attention to my garden that much since it has been hectic busy since we moved. I'm confident that next year, my garden will be more productive. 

I forgot to share this photo of heirloom carrots. They're tiny carrots perfect for snacking called 'Tonda di parigi.' This variety is very tender and sweet that next season, I'll be sure to plant more seeds.   

The highlight of August was my winning organic heirloom Italian squash called 'cocozelle' at the Western Idaho fair. My squash is in the middle with green stripes. I never won anything at a fair before … I got first place for the agriculture exhibit and I was surprised because I entered on a whim. We had a blast and I'll certainly be entering again next year. The fair ended last week but my husband and I are already looking forward to the next one!     

What are successful in your edible garden and what would you grow again? I wish you all a beautiful day and a fabulous week!


  1. Very productive garden! Handful of harvest!

  2. Greetings from Japan! Got here through Malar's blog...
    I envy your zucchinis... mine was just finger sized...

  3. You have some lovely harvest, Priscilla! I like your carrots and your Italian squash looks fabulous! Congratulations for winning! That is totally cool!!! Happy Gardening!

  4. yay! You won! That's amazing. I entered some jam in a local competition and won too (so yay for both of us!). Your harvest looks great - so colourful. Wish I could have tried that winning Zuke.


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