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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The big harvest

Last week I was watering my garden and I decided to harvest more tomatoes since the warm veggie season is almost over. I was delighted to find more squash, beans, peppers and eggplant. I haven't been out in the garden for a couple of weeks…     

Look what happened to my heirloom squash! They're enormous (biggest my husband and I have ever seen) and I finally harvested them. Organic cocozelle taste similar to zucchini but a little sweeter. You can purchase seeds from Botanical Interests. I donated the largest squash to our church food ministry because we have plenty, what will we do with them? (:

I've been pretty busy to write and I miss reading all of your fabulous blogs. I'd love to know what was your biggest vegetable harvest?

Lately, I'm getting our home organized, cleaning, cooking, baking and oh my favorite part is decorating for the fall. Photos to come soon. Have a terrific week my friends!        


  1. That's some serious squash you've grown there!

  2. Lovely harvest! Wow that is a really big squash. Very good looking never seen that variety before.


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