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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween fun: Front yard graveyard and jack-o'-lanterns!

For Halloween my husband Bryan built a graveyard using scraps of wood we had, he carved fake tombstones and painted them black for our front yard. Hubby is creative and resourceful with this stuff! The project didn't take him long and we didn't spend much buying decorations. He said since we're located in a hidden neighborhood and our house is in a cul-de-sac, we won't have many kids come to our place. We already own most of what you see except extension cords for the lights. Bryan bought cheap skull at Walmart, found a large cloth in the garage and created sort of a scarecrow attached to a tall stick. Pretty spooky huh?

Severed foot hanging from my bird feeder, freaky!

It's not complete without fake cobwebs and a large spider.

A real raccoon skull, seriously! Bryan found it last year in the snow when we lived in Idyllwild, California. He actually kept the skull and brought it when we moved… things guys do. Now it's tucked in a mini pine tree next to our front door. This might scare some kids.
Our tradition is to have homemade pumpkin pecan bread with hot mulled spiced apple cider before carving pumpkins. I love the aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon. The vanilla spice candle is very nice too.
Have you ever roasted pumpkin seeds? They take a bit of work to separate the goop and seeds but definitely worth it. Hubby added olive oil with garlic powder and sea salt then baked them in the oven, yummy! Pumpkin seeds are a great and healthy snack.

She wanted to help with the pumpkin. Our silly cat.

These are my husband's pumpkins. It's Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

This year we carved more pumpkins, we had five. My pumpkin on the right is a pirate and I got all my ideas doing research online.

Avast! A pirate, arrr!

This is our front yard in the dark with lighting effects and all the jack-o'-lanterns. We also added 3 more tombstones since they went on sale for $3 each. My other pumpkin is a silhouette of a cat on the left side.

We went to a Halloween costume party on Friday evening and I dressed up as a pirate wench. I'm not sure what Bryan was – something dead I guess, real scary looking.   

My costume was comfortable to wear and we had a good time dancing. However, we left a little after midnight. We really can't party like we're still in our 20s, I'm 11 years older than most people there!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween. Decoration so cool. Your costume is very pretty so is the wearer;-).

  2. Fun decorations!
    Your costume looks fabulous on you!

  3. What fun Priscilla. Love the costumes. The Jack o' lanterns wonderful. I had to laugh at the helper carving the pumpkin. LOL!

  4. Malay-Kadazan girl: Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet compliment!

    Rosey: We had fun decorating and thanks for the nice compliment!

    Lona: Thanks for visiting and for the comments. Yup, curious kitty likes to be a part of everything we do!

  5. You seemed to have made a wonderful display and had a great time for Halloween. I like the idea of toasting pumpkin seeds.

  6. Those are really creative Halloween deco at your yard. Spooky but fun!

  7. Anonymous12/29/2011

    Beautiful costume... Happy New Year 2012!!


  8. It has been far too long since I visited your blog Priscilla. Hoping your garden is underway for the spring. Or are you under snow now. Your decorations looked great for both Thanksgiving and Halloween. Hope you had a nice Christmas, too.


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