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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October harvest

Here's a basket of organic veggie harvest from my garden a couple days ago. Everything was grown from seeds with the exception of peppers. The pepper transplants I bought at the nursery wasn't productive enough so next year I'll be sure to plant plenty of seeds early. 

Yesterday I picked more tomatoes and beans. I'm glad tomatoes are still coming! The orange ones in the front are organic heirloom called 'tangerine.' I haven't tried them yet, perhaps I'll make salsa. I love fresh and juicy homegrown tomatoes.
My pathetic potatoes I dug out of the grow bag. It was the first time I planted them in early April. I think I put too many potato seeds in the bag. Oh well, I'll learn. Next season will hopefully be better.

My one and only 'Russian mammoth' sunflower that grew to about 8 feet tall. I planted a few seeds and one survived. I would love to have more next year, sunflowers are fun.

Happy autumn and I wish you all a great weekend!


  1. You've harvested more veggies than we have, they look yummy and what a great looking sunflower!

  2. That's a lot of harvest!

    I have same problem with sunflower seeds!Hope you have more sunflowers next season! Happy Autumn!

  3. Just look at all of those pretty veggies. I love new potatoes and green beans. Your tomatoes look so good Priscilla.

  4. Priscilla, not a bad harvest for your first season in Idaho. I will be you will have a bumper crop next year. Learning how to garden in different zones can be challenging as I am sure you know from your mountain garden in CA.


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