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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My recent project: Redecorating our bedroom on a budget

We have a tiny bedroom and it's like a master closet. We moved here almost a year ago and I've been trying to get organized for what seems like forever. Moving sooner than we thought got us out of California. However, we realized this house is cozy but too small so we're hoping to find a new place in a few months. Ohhh all I want is to settle down – but it's time to pack again!

 As you can see, our room was boring and had no life. But we're on a tight budget and can't splurge on decorating so I found great things that were hardly used at the thrift stores like wall sconces, wall art, picture frames, accent lighting and curtains. The only thing we bought new was the quilt! We spent $200 total on the makeover. I went everywhere to find deals and I'm happier with the ambiance. After all, a bedroom should be a place of tranquility.       

Excuse our mess but this is the only closet in the house. I share it with my husband and I try to keep our linens here too. I barely have room for shoes and accessories. The closet didn't have a door but I'm not fond of closet doors anyway.

Ahhh now that's better… easy solution and inexpensive. The curtain set up was $5. I got rid of A LOT of clothes and other stuff, I'm giving them away to declutter and minimize the mess. By the way, that's my husband's photography of Juneau, Alaska on the wall.

 A closer look at Bryan's photograph.

A little romance with a candle in the sand. I miss the beach…

Adding some color with artificial floral arrangement. This works for our room and I like to keep things simple. 

I'm excited when I can start my garden again! As of now everything is about inside our home like cooking, cleaning like crazy and getting organized. What are you up to while waiting for spring?


  1. Did a wonderful job ! Kudos!!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment Gina!

  3. Wow! Beautiful change over!

  4. Hi Priscilla,

    I like the new bedroom decorations :)


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