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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All the pretty blooms

I'm behind with posting photos of what's going on in my garden. A new addition is bleeding heart, perfect for a shady spot. I love the dainty heart-shaped flowers. Since I'm crazy about perennials, I'm looking for white bleeding heart too.

I've been busy transplanting in containers and getting the garden ready for moving to a new house! We have plenty of packing to do. I also recently started a new seasonal part-time job as a merchandise representative for Kellogg Garden Products. Based in California, they've been around since 1925 and recently brought their products to Idaho. I sell OMRI® listed organic soil, excellent stuff and I use it. I'm having fun giving gardening advice, it's rewarding when customers tell me how thankful they are that I've helped them. I'm assigned to work until July or perhaps August depending on the company's decision.

Pink tulips are in a container and so are my other plants. It would be easier to move this way. I'm really into pink as you can see.
Just to make my garden more interesting, here's something red for a change. I brought home Dianthus, Scent First Passion and it's a perennial. I'm excited to see this plant become established with more blooms.

Violas last year I planted on the raised bed came back recently. Considered annuals, they're known to reseed. I have to pull them out to transplant in containers. My husband said the petals resemble a face. Do you see the yellow nose?
Update on edibles. Here's my new setup in our garage and my seedlings are happy here with fluorescent lights. Hubby gave me many garden gifts and a chrome rack for my birthday (yay!) because I run out of room for seedlings every year. For now, I'm using two shelves out of five.

I started from seeds tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, radicchio, broccoli, bok choy, leeks, basil, thyme and various flowers. The tomatoes I planted in early March (bottom pic) are lush and they're getting very tall. I transplanted everything using Kellogg soil and my plants are looking healthy. 

I highly recommend liquid seaweed for fertilizing once a week. This is my third year using this amazing organic fertilizer. Seaweed are loaded with nutrients, contains trace minerals, aids with preventing transplant shock and prevents diseases. Read more about seaweed and let me know if you'll try it. 

Enjoy your garden and happy Tuesday!   


  1. Looking great Priscilla! Your seedlings look amazing, mine are not strong looking like that, I think maybe I should get new lights as mine are really old? Where did you get liquid seaweed fertilizer? I looked for it last year and couldn't find it here in the valley. Perhaps FarWest?

  2. Very healthy vegetable seedlings!

    Nice gift from you hubby! Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Hi,

    your gift very nice & healthily. so i am impress.....

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  4. I do aagree with Abdrea that your seedlings are strong and healthy - perhaps good seeds, good soil, very green fingers or combination of all.

  5. The tulip is so pretty. Can you imagine I have not seen a real tulip before!! We hardly have it imported in.

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  7. so pretty collection...
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