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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flowers from the show, my seedlings and more

The weather has been cloudy everyday with rain in the forecast. It's too cold and dreary to go outside and work on my garden. I've been longing to transplant the flowers I bought at the Boise garden show. I'll have to write about that eventually. I'm excited about my new clematis hoping I'll be successful with it this time. I also came home with perennial native plants and flowers that went on sale at the end of the event. There were many things I wanted but I convinced myself to stick with the budget. Going to the show was my first time and it sure inspired the gardener in me.    

Veggies I started from seeds in early March are doing great and growing fast. It was time to transplant them, well at least the tomatoes and lettuce. It took a few hours to transplant with many more to do. My seedlings are in the garage because we don't have room in our house. It seems that I run out of room every year with everything I plant.     

The tomatoes are looking healthy. They'll get bigger in these containers and pretty soon we'll have juicy and delicious tomatoes –– I can't wait.
We found a larger home and we're moving at the end of May. The backyard is not huge (less grass and maintenance) but it's perfect and I already have a rough draft plan for my raised beds. The funny thing is, the house is only down the street and our current landlords owns it too. They're wonderful and we're glad we get to rent from them.

The lady that lives in the house we're moving to likes ours and she'll be living alone when her grandson moves out. She's downsizing and will be moving to our place so we're swapping houses.
We're staying there to rent for a while as we save to buy a house. 

We'll be crazy busy moving and moving my garden. I did this before so here we go again. I'll keep you posted!  


  1. Good luck with the move. How fun to be swapping houses! I hope you get to move all your favorite plants. So smart of you to have plans for your new garden already.

    1. Thank you! I'll be moving all my plants. We're still living in the same street so it won't be hard to haul everything in the new house. Easier than moving out of state like we did last year but we'll still be busy. The woman that lives there is very nice and she didn't mind us bringing a few empty raised beds to her backyard. I wanted to visualize my garden and plan everything.

  2. Anonymous4/02/2012

    Hi there! Sounds like the Boise Garden Show was fun. I didn't make it this year but I did make it to a garden show in Seattle and I know if can be tough to stay on the budget! You are far ahead of me with your veggie starts. I have some planted outside in a raised bed (and yes, they have sprouted even though it is still cold) but I have to get some wam season stuff going inside! Look forward to seeing your new garden!

  3. House swap? That's interesting! Hope you settle down soon in new house and show us your new garden!
    All your seedlings look so healthy

  4. House swap sounds like a show I watch on TV! :) You must be really busy planning about the move even though it is down the street! Your plants are all looking great! Hope they will do well in their new home soon!

  5. Malar: Thanks. We need to settle down and quit moving!
    Joyce: I know it's like a show!:D Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment.

  6. Thanks for nice sharing...
    nice collection....


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