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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn harvest


I miss writing and visiting all of your blogs but these days I'm becoming more fatigue in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I'm 33 weeks and I'm having a difficult time bending down in the garden or doing certain household work, the tummy is getting in the way. I'm uncomfortable trying to find a good position to sleep at night and I must mention endless trips to the bathroom leading to insomnia. My husband who's not into gardening harvested the basket of various tomatoes and he'll be pulling all the dead vegetable plants. I'm very thankful for him always taking care of me.  

Maybe you remember this from last year, my 1st place winning organic heirloom squash I entered at the fair called cocozelle. The yield was alright this time and I pan-grilled the squash or made bread with it.   
This is pumpkin bread in the front and the back is my cocozelle bread which taste similar to zucchini. I can't help but do plenty of baking especially during the fall season until Christmas. Although I'm exhausted I find myself baking because for me, it's relaxing and I love the way it makes our house smell. I get nostalgic about warm and sweet scents.  


I haven't been posting here much lately but this was our harvest in mid September. Not much bell pepper or cucumber lemon but definitely more yellow squash and tomatoes.  

My sunflower didn't grow as tall compared to last season but I'm happy we had a few in the garden. It's time to clean up all the wilted annuals and let the garden rest. 

How was your harvest this year and how did the heatwave affect your garden?

Have a great week and happy autumn! 


  1. I loved the pictures and the very simple sweet histories behind them. PLUS I loved the bread last Christmas yumm.
    Thanks for sharing Prisci and hang in there, baby A will be here soon! xoxo

    1. Patricia, thank you for the kind comment and visiting my blog!

  2. Hi Priscilla,
    You have lovely harvest from your garden!
    Pretty soon you'll have the best harvest yet! Yeah, sleeping is quite a problem for me too, my tummy was huge when I was expecting my two kids! Take care, don't worry about not visiting! Will be waiting for the good news!! :)

    1. Thanks Joyce. I appreciate you stopping by. 4 more weeks until we meet our baby girl!

  3. That's an impressive harvest. It's a good idea to use some of it for baking. The sunflower photo is great too.

    1. Thank you! I think last year was a bigger harvest and my sunflower grew taller. I'm surprised the garden did well when I hardly took care of it. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Priscilla,
    How are you? You must be pretty busy with baby!
    Take care!


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